Hullo Twilio Engineering Blog

APR 21

Ahoy hoy and welcome to the newly minted Twilio engineering blog! We the Twilio engineering team will be sharing some of the unique challenges we face bridging the 100-year-old world of realtime telecom with the world of HTTP and the web. Using cloud infrastructure to implement a communications platform has required us to build a highly automated, self-healing distributed platform that can be deployed across thousands of servers. We are extremely excited to share details on building this infrastructure and how we are developing an engineering organization and processes for telecom-grade scale and available. A few of the topics we are looking forward to covering include:

  • No-downtime philosophy
  • Deployments that can’t lose or fail a single request
  • Asynchronous programming at scale
  • High availability in the cloud
  • Building scalable engineering process
  • Automated deployment of 1000′s of servers
  • Designing great APIs
  • Software development lifecycle for the cloud
  • DevOps and software-based automation
  • Continuous integration and deployment for APIs

Twilio is an engineering-driven company. Our founders are engineers, our customers are engineers, and our company, well yeah. We’ll be scheduling a "live chat" with the members of the Twilio engineering team over the coming weeks. Stay on the line.

Posted by Evan Cooke on April 21, 2011