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Introducing Our Ridiculously Simple Twilio SMS API


Twilio-sms-bubble Update: This week’s developer contest category is SMS.  Build a Twilio app using SMS and submit by midnight on Sunday, Feb 14th for your chance to win a Netbook. More details on the contest page… 

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our newest product: Twilio SMS.

Existing customers already know you can use Twilio to make and receive phone calls, and
now you can also send and receive text messages from your Twilio phone
numbers!  Starting today, all local Twilio phone numbers are
SMS enabled, allowing you to write SMS applications as easily as you
can write voice apps on Twilio.



ridiculously excited about Twilio SMS.  Previously, building SMS apps
was hard… it could take months of negotiations, approvals, and
hundreds or thousands of dollars up-front and every month to get
started.  With Twilio SMS, it’s as easy as buying a Twilio phone number
from the Twilio account portal or Phone Numbers REST API for $1 / month, and immediately start receiving and sending text messages using Twilio’s SMS REST API for just 3 cents per message.  No waiting period, no contracts, no hefty up-front costs… just $1 and your imagination.

Twilio SMS is fully integrated into Twilio’s voice functionality.  Need
to send an SMS from inside a phone call?  Just drop our newest TwiML verb in there:
and Twilio will send a text message to the caller with whatever content
you specify.

For example: Our hours are 9-5

Get Started with Twilio SMS

you ready to explore the power of Twilio SMS? It’s
incredibly simple to start adding text messaging to your existing
Twilio applications and web applications, and we’ve got the tools to
help you get started:

Customer Story:

2009 was the biggest Salesforce conference yet, and when needed to allow
the 19,000 attendees to vote for the “Best in Show” Appy Award, they
turned to Twilio SMS.

Their app received and tallied votes from the
participants and responded in realtime with SMS confirmations.  With
Twilio SMS and the platform, Salesforce developers only
needed a few hours to build an app that scaled to

Read about how Salesforce used Twilio SMS at Dreamforce >>

Phone Number Price Reduction

also happy to announce that we are now able to lower the prices on all
Twilio phone numbers.


Starting today, all local numbers are $1 per
month, and all toll free numbers are $2 per month.  By aggregating the
demand of many applications, we’re able to lower costs for all Twilio
customers… and now we’re excited to see what applications are enabled
by these improved phone number economics. The new pricing is
automatically applied to your Twilio account, and you’ll be charged the
new prices next time your phone numbers renew.


In the coming weeks we will expand our blog coverage to focus on Twilio developers using our new SMS API and we would love to hear about what you are building, and feature it here.  As always, if you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at with questions, comments, and blog post ideas.  We’re always listening and ready to help.

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