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  • By Christine Sunu
    5 easy ways to build with Twilio IoT 5 easy ways to build with Twilio IoT

    Make the next big Internet of Things... thing.

    SIGNAL 2020 was a big one for Twilio IoT. In the keynote, CEO Jeff Lawson talked about Microvisor: Twilio IoT’s new device builder platform for embedded developers. Microvisor is currently in a closed private beta, so we can’t play with it yet. However, we also got to see Twilio IoT’s more widely available offerings via demos, talks, and games.

    Twilio IoT's robot games, played during SIGNAL TV

    SIGNAL TV’s live IoT robot battles, powered by Electric Imp. See the full segment here.

    If you’re itching to hear more about the Microvisor, stay tuned or check out the Twilio IoT live video session coming out on November 5th. And for those of you who want to start building right now, here’s some currently available Twilio IoT tools that you can use today.


    1. Electric Imp

    Sometimes, we want to build for the Internet of Things, but we don’t want …

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  • By Diane Phan
    Build a Ghostwriting App for Scary Halloween Stories with OpenAI's GPT-3 Engine and Task Queues in Python header - Build a Ghostwriting App for Scary Halloween Stories with OpenAI's GPT-3 Engine and Task Queues in Python

    Halloween is just around the corner, and not only is it the prime time for tricks and treats, but it's also fun for those of you who love a thrill in storytelling. If you love writing – or simply want to get spooked out by what a computer can generate – then this will be a fun project for you to check out.

    In this tutorial we will implement a task queue in Python to make multiple calls to OpenAI's GPT-3 engine to generate fictional text. Plus, you'll have a neat program to leave on your computer and trick people who look at your screen into thinking that an actual ghost is writing a story!

    Tutorial Requirements

    • Python 3.6 or newer. If your operating system does not provide a Python interpreter, you can go to python.org to download an installer.
    • An OpenAI API key. Request beta access here.
    • A …
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  • By Maciej Treder
    Hello Deno hello-deno.png

    Deno is a new runtime environment for JavaScript and TypeScript. Deno founder Ryan Dahl, who was also the founding developer of Node.js, says Deno is intended to be a more modern version of Node.js.

    When Node.js was first released, in 2009, JavaScript didn’t have the async-await mechanism, typed arrays, or the ECMAScript module system. At the time, Dahl recognized that an event loop would be an essential resource for server-side JavaScript and set to work on creating a runtime environment that included one.

    By 2012, Dahl felt the primary goal of creating a user-friendly non-blocking framework had been achieved, with Node.js having support for multiple protocols, cross-platform support, a relatively stable API, and a growing ecosystem of external modules distributed through npm.

    But over time it became apparent to Dahl that a number of design decisions, like the early removal of Promises, caused problems. Security, the GYP build system, and …

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  • By Odunayo Ogundepo
    Manage your Zoom Meetings on WhatsApp with Python and Twilio Manage your Zoom Meetings on WhatsApp with Python and Twilio

    In this tutorial, we are going to build a WhatsApp bot that allows you to manage your Zoom meetings. Some of the functions include creating or deleting a meeting and listing all upcoming meetings. The bot will be built using Twilio API for WhatsApp, Zoom API and the Flask framework for Python.

    Tutorial requirements

    You need the following to follow along in this tutorial;

    • A Twilio Account: You need to create a free Twilio account to gain access to the WhatsApp sandbox environment. This will allow you to interact securely with the Twilio number assigned to you on your WhatsApp application. A free twilio account comes with certain features and limitations.
    • A Zoom Account: You need to create a free Zoom account if you do not already have one. With a zoom account, you can create a zoom app which comes with access to their API.
    • Python 3.6 …
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  • By Chas Bowman
    Criando Filas e Skills para um Contact Center Flex Criando Filas e Skills para um Contact Center Flex

    Você acabou de configurar o Flex e deve estar se perguntando: Mas e agora?

    Agora você deve estar pensando sobre sua estratégia de roteamento e filas, certo? Nesta postagem vamos cobrir algumas opções básicas para enfileiramento baseado em "skills" (habilidades), já que isso vai definir os alicerces para seus relatórios do Contact Center.

    Vamos começar!

    O que vamos construir hoje

    O Flex permite explorar todo o poder do Twilio TaskRouter, que é um sistema poderoso de roteamento baseado em atributos, e o coração do contact center. Ele também é totalmente programável, permitindo controlar o seu contact center utilizando código. Vamos falar sobre um caso de uso simples hoje: "Como configurar um contact center para suportar meus clientes e funcionários utilizando o Flex?"

    Para fazer isso, vamos construir duas novas filas de tarefas (Task Queues): "Customer Service" e "Employee Service". Estas filas vão permitir segmentar nosso tráfego de clientes e …

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  • By Miguel Ángel Ramírez
    Create an Appointment Booking Bot for WhatsApp using Python, Google Calendar and Twilio Autopilot Create an Appointment Booking Bot for WhatsApp using Python, Google Calendar and Twilio Autopilot

    I always struggle to take my dogs to the groomer because scheduling an appointment is a bit tedious and complicated. I always have to call directly to the store, hoping someone is available to pick up the phone, then wait for them to check on their calendars to see if there is a spot available for them and confirm it.

    Technology is all about automation and making people’s lives easier so I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a scheduler bot that would do all that work for us, taking advantage of a great AI platform from Twilio called Autopilot and a bit of logic with Python on the backend to connect to a Google Calendar.

    bot demonstration

    The interaction flow would be something like this:

    bot diagram

    1. The user starts the conversation by sending a message to the bot on WhatsApp
    2. WhatsApp redirects the request to Autopilot for …
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  • By Niels Swimberghe
    Building Real-Time Applications with Blazor Server and Firestore blazor-server-firestore.png

    Blazor is a framework for building interactive client-side user interfaces for web applications using .NET. Using Blazor, .NET developers can build stylish and performant web interfaces using C# and ASP.NET Core instead of JavaScript. [Pause for applause.]

    Blazor Server provides support for hosting Razor components on a server in an ASP.NET Core app. At runtime, the Blazor Server app sends UI events from the browser to the server and applies UI updates sent from the server to the rendered component.

    Blazor Server is built on SignalR, which is built on websockets. Among things, websockets enable Blazor Server to push changes from the server to the browser at any time. You can build real time UIs when you combine this with a real-time database such as Google Firestore.

    Firestore is Google Firebase's real-time database offering on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Google provides .NET libraries for interacting with …

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  • By Sam Agnew
    Generating Lyrics in the Style of your Favorite Artist with Python, OpenAI's GPT-3 and Twilio SMS Copy of Generic Blog Header 4(3).png

    With concerts canceled and many artists being unable to release new music, people around the world are missing their favorite bands. What if you could fill that void by bringing any band or artist's lyrical style home with Python code to generate new songs?

    Try texting the name of your favorite artist to +1 (315) 65-LYRICS (+1 315 659-7427) or +44 7401 193427 if you're in the UK to get lyrics in their style, and continue reading to find out how to program this yourself!

    Computer-generated Black Sabbath lyrics

    OpenAI's new GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) model was trained on a massive corpus of text making it incredibly powerful. This can be used to generate song lyrics in the style of any artist with surprisingly little input text given to it as a prompt.

    Let's walk through how to create a text-message powered bot to generate song lyrics in Python using Twilio Programmable …

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  • By Precious Opusunju
    Retrieve and Send Live Bitcoin Rates Every Day Using CEX.io, Twilio SMS, and PHP Retrieve and Send Live Bitcoin Rates Every Day Using CEX.io, Twilio SMS, and PHP.png


    Ever wondered how platforms like Binance set price watchlists for different Bitcoin price alerts? If so, imagine getting a daily SMS alert whenever the price of Bitcoin changes.

    This tutorial will teach you how to use Twilio Programmable SMS to send out live Bitcoin rates every day using your Laravel app. After we’re finished, you will be able to automatically send an SMS containing the conversion rate of Bitcoin to USD to your phone number, daily.

    Installation Requirements

    We will begin with a new Laravel project. Additionally, the following modules are required for proper functionality. These modules are:

    Having installed Laravel on your machine, proceed to create a new project using the Laravel CLI:

    $ laravel new bitcoin_watcher

    Or using the Composer create-project command:

    $ composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel bitcoin_watcher

    Next, install Twilio’s PHP SDK to …

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  • By Jeff Rosenthal
    Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Animations wpf-animations.png

    When it comes to web pages, HTML is the tool to present the elements and CSS to provide the styling. Sure, there are exceptions and embellishments but, in short, that is how it boils down. If you want to implement some sort of animation or have something move, and it’s more complex than the simple animations supported by CSS, you generally have to fall back on JavaScript. In contrast, these aspects of presentation, styling, and animation are all an integral part of the Windows Presentation Foundation XAML.

    XAML stands for Extensible Application Markup Language, and it is a declarative language that describes WPF’s elements, relationships, and behaviors. XAML elements map directly to Common Language Runtime (CLR) object instances and XAML attributes correspond to the properties and events of CLR objects.

    In this tutorial, you will explore the various ways to animate visual elements in …

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