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Developers Drawing The Owl

  • By Linda Le
    Build an IoT Doggy Alarm so Your Furry Friend Can Tell You They Want To Go Outside IoT Doggy Alarm Header

    Sometimes dogs like to mistake furniture for a toilet. Out of fear for my new shoe cupboards, I decided to make a doorbell for my dog, Bobby, to push to alert me when he needed to go outside. It took a little while (and cost me a lot of treat-based incentives) to get him to push it, but soon enough, Bobby would stand by the door... and wait until I could see him to push the button. This got me wondering: could I build something where I would be notified when he stands close to the door?

    In this guide, I will show you how to build a sensor capable of detecting your fluffy friend’s proximity to your door then send you a text message alert, using an Arduino and Twilio’s Programmable SMS.


    It’s that time of day. Your dog wants to go outside and stands by the …

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  • By Catalin Negru
    Integrate Dialogflow with Twilio Conversations using NestJS Integrate Dialogflow Twilio Conversations NestJS Hero

    This tutorial will allow you to scale customer interactions using Dialogflow before passing the conversation to an agent or another system. The following project will be composed of a backend built with NestJs/Express, Twilio’s Conversations API, and our DialogFlow integration.


    If you don’t have a Twilio account, you can get one for free here.

    For the following exercise, you’ll need the following:

    High Level Flow

    Before we dive into the coding aspects of the tutorial, let's go o …

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  • By Heather Hargreaves
    Send Twilio Events to Segment using Event Streams Banner for Send Twilio Events to Segment using Event Streams

    In this post, you will learn how to send Twilio events to Segment using Twilio Event Streams with a Segment Sink. This is an out of the box integration that requires no code to get started. We will also cover the benefits of using this integration, plus show you some use cases to help you optimize using Twilio and Segment together.


    To get started you will need:

    • A Twilio account with access to Event Streams – sign up here for a free developer account. See our documentation here on how to access Event Streams.
    • You will also need access to the Segment Sink – the documentation linked shows how to access it.
    • A Segment account – Sign up here for a trial account.

    What are Event Streams in Twilio?

    Event Streams is an API that allows you to configure centralized streams of event data directly into your infrastructure, so …

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  • By Alla Igityan
    How to Integrate Telegram into Twilio Flex Conversations Flex Conversations Telegram Integration

    In this post, I’ll show you how to add Telegram as a channel into Flex Conversations, and provide your customers with another way to reach your contact center. This particular approach requires only backend development and there will be no need to build an additional Flex UI plugin.


    Before we can start, you'll need to make sure you have a few things set up:

    Now that you’re ready, we can start integrating!

    Example Flex and Telegram Integration screenshot

    Getting Started

    It’s important to provide your customers ways to reach you on their preferred channels, and while Flex Conversations only supports SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, and Chat out of the box, you have the tools to add your desired channel and keep your customers happy.

    To create …

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  • By Gunjan Gupta
    Build SMS Notifications, Surveys, and Outreach with Twilio and TextIt Digital Engagement TextIt Hero Image

    Digital communications are key to improving program outcomes. Health workers improve birth registrations by using IVRs (Voice Surveys). Academic advisors strengthen their connection to students using SMS. Nudge campaigns improve patient outcomes in healthcare. Program officers deployed to war zones implement Needs Assessment surveys. And, across the board, teams implement digital Complaints & Feedback Mechanisms (CFM) to improve their processes.

    Twilio offers the building blocks to create reliable and resilient communications over SMS, voice, and WhatsApp. And at, we see program teams working hard to serve their communities, often with very limited resources – and we’re excited to share our DIY solutions we learn from teams like yours.

    In this post, we’ll explain how you can use TextIt’s campaign management software and Twilio Programmable SMS to set up a communication platform to instantly engage with people in 2-way communication.

    Today’s solution: TextIt and Twilio SMS for …

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  • By Pooja Srinath
    Build a Modern Hotline with Twilio Programmable Voice and Sync Modern Hotline Voice Hero

    In this article, you will unlock the powers of using a Twilio Programmable Voice's conference bridge to connect your loved ones in a single phone call. This blog post could work for Healthcare, Corporate, or Educational Institutions – I’ll show you all the steps you’ll need to connect a list of numbers in a single conference call.


    To get you started with this article, you need the following

    • Twilio phone number

      A number that connects the institution with its emergency contacts through a conference call.
    • Twilio Studio access

      A visual builder to create, edit, and manage communication workflows in Twilio Studio. Our low-code/no-code application builder makes complex implementations extremely easy.
    • Twilio Sync services

      Twilio Sync is Twilio's state synchronization service, offering two-way real-time communication between browsers, mobiles, and the cloud. Using Sync helps you avoid building all the real-time infrastructure.
    • Twilio Cli

      Twilio-CLI allows you to manage your Twilio …
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  • By Anton Kushch
    Store Opt-Out data on Twilio with Functions and Sync Storing Opt-Out data on Twilio with Functions and Sync

    Staying compliant is an important part of your messaging strategy. It ensures that your senders have a high trust level from carriers and, as a result, experience lower filtering and lower risk of being blocked.

    Maintaining a clean opt-out list is one of the key pillars for compliant messaging. The Twilio platform helps you maintain customer trust via automated opt-out management (more here), and it's a great start, but under certain circumstances, opt-out information can be lost. Additionally, Twilio does not yet provide an API to retrieve opt-out data.

    All that's to say: we at Twilio strongly recommend you maintain and store opt-out data yourself. In this blog post, I'll show you how storing opt-out information can be done on the Twilio platform with Serverless Functions and Sync.

    Tutorial prerequisites

    Before we can get started building, you need to make sure you have an account with Twilio. …

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  • By Anton Kushch
    Build an Inactivity Timeout with Flex Conversations Build Inactivity Timeout Flex Conversations

    As you may know, Twilio has released Flex Conversations. This is a big step in making orchestration more reliable and straightforward within the Flex ecosystem. In a blog post here, you can learn more about Flex Conversations's new perks. Introducing Flex Conversations also opens up possibilities for new cool features to be implemented, as the Conversations API provides a broad spectrum of tools for managing participants, addresses, and the conversation lifecycle.

    One contact center feature that our customers often ask about is Inactivity Timeout. To keep your agents' productivity high, it's necessary to have an automated way to track abandoned tasks and clean them up. With the State Timers feature of the Conversations API along with Twilio Functions, it is possible now to implement an Inactivity Timeout in Flex. In this blog post, I will guide you through the configuration and code to achieve this.

    Tutorial prerequisites …

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  • By Sébastien Paltrié
    Le Guide Galactique de vos SMS : Les Fondamentaux (Part 1) Les Fondamentaux SMS Part 1 Hero

    Vous êtes développeur, business, marketing et vous souhaitez engager vos clients par SMS. Que ce soit pour des rappels de rendez-vous, une validation du numéro de téléphone mobile de votre KYC (parcours de connaissance de votre client) ou bien proposer une offre promotionnelle à vos clients, vous ne savez pas par où et comment débuter ce chantier. Alors, pas de panique, ce blog post est pour vous !

    Le Parcours connecté

    Le blog post est composé de 3 parties :

    1. Les fondamentaux de l’industrie du SMS
    2. Les messaging services de Twilio ou comment simplifier l’envoi de vos SMS dans le monde entier et à l’échelle
    3. Provisionner un numéro de téléphone

    Dans cette première partie de ce guide, nous allons voir ensemble la terminologie et les règles qui s’appliquent à l’industrie du SMS. Vous êtes prêt? Alors bouclez votre ceinture, c’est parti !

    Il y a SMS et SMS : les différents cas d’usage …

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  • By Stratos Tziallas
    Integrate Twilio with Apaleo for an Enhanced Guest Experience Apaleo Twilio Integration Header

    Planning your vacation or work trip – or just going on a road trip – always ends up requiring you to book a hotel room for the night. And this has become straightforward with the help of hotel booking applications and automated processes. But this requires hotels set up their infrastructure, integrate it with multiple systems, and depend on what those systems allow. Let’s face it – customization is limited, and when it comes to hospitality there are a LOT of different wants and needs from guests.

    In this tutorial we will demonstrate a way to automate your communication with your guests.

    Being connected to your existing infrastructure (in this case Apaleo), Twilio allows you to create your own custom solution, allowing a guest to create, update, or cancel their reservations.

    Apaleo is the cloud platform for agile accommodation businesses.

    All types of properties – from serviced apartments to hotel …

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