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  • By Arvind Rangarajan
    How to Build a Protected Conference Line in a Few Minutes using Studio Conference Line Protected Header

    With many people shifting to working remotely, the need for collaboration tools is increasing. Twilio offers many options that allow developers to build collaboration solutions like video chat or voice conferencing solutions.

    This blog post walks you through how to create a protected voice conferencing line using Twilio Studio in a couple of minutes - to help your remote workforce continue to communicate.  

    In Studio, a Flow is executed from an incoming call or SMS to your Twilio number, or you could trigger an outbound flow via a REST API request. Once in a Flow, Studio offers various ways to control calls and message flows, including but not limited to:

    • Saying or playing messages to a callee
    • Gathering input from the callee such as digits or voice messages
    • Making an HTTP request to a third-party system

    It is simple to build a protected conference line using Twilio Studio and studio …

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  • By Chas Bowman
    Deploy a Remote Agent Contact Center in 30 Minutes With Twilio Flex Flex Remote Agent Contact Center


    You might be in a position where you urgently need a new contact center that enables your employees to work remotely. This article will guide you through deploying Twilio Flex – a cloud-based contact center with native WebRTC support – in just 30 minutes.

    Twilio Flex can be instantly provisioned and provides you the immediate ability to start testing voice calls, SMS, and web-chat. In this blog post, we'll show you how to quickly create a solution that enables contact center agents to work from their homes.

    Before We Get Started...

    Deploy a Remote Agent Contact Center

    Now that you are logged into your Twilio account, you’re ready to start setting up a new Flex Instance.

    In these next steps, I’ll guide you through creating …

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  • By Al Kiramoto
    Create a Simple Notification System using Twilio CLI, Programmable Voice, and Programmable Messaging Messaging Contacts Notifications

    If you find yourself needing to broadcast urgent news to your customers or employees, but do not have a notification system in place, this tutorial is for you. In this blog post we'll show you how to create a bash script to quickly send SMS messages or Voice message notifications to several recipients in a CSV.


    To get started with the project you will need the following:

    Setting up the Twilio CLI

    If you haven’t already done so, go to twilio.com and sign up for a free account or log in to your existing account. Take note of your Account SID and Auth Token as you will need them to login via the CLI in the following steps.

    Twilio CLI is …

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  • By Toby Allen
    Build Two-Way Email to SMS with SendGrid and Twilio Hello SMS SendGrid to Email Forward

    Lots of businesses want to be able to communicate over SMS to their customers but struggle to integrate with established processes like shared email inboxes. Do you share a phone with the team, or do you opt for an inflexible 3rd party Email to SMS gateway with strict routing rules?

    Now, with the power of Twilio SendGrid email and Twilio SMS, you can quickly set up your own two-way email to SMS forwarding solution.

    In this short tutorial, you'll learn how to route messages from a Twilio SMS capable number to a shared inbox and vice-versa. We will do this by sending inbound SMS messages to email using the SendGrid API. Conversely, we'll leverage SendGrid's Inbound Parse functionality to call the Twilio Messaging API. In both cases, we're going to use a small JavaScript function hosted in the Zeit Serverless environment. Zeit has been chosen for this because …

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  • By Pooja Srinath
    Connect to Your Local Database Using Twilio Functions Functions MySQL Local

    In this post, you’ll learn how to connect to a local or remote database such as MySQL and make queries using Twilio Functions.

    Prerequisites and Items accomplished

    Working with Twilio Functions

    Twilio Functions (Beta) provides a complete runtime environment for executing your Node.js scripts. Functions integrates the popular package manager npm and provides a low latency Twilio-hosted environment for your application.

    Building apps with Functions

    Here's an example of what a Functions script looks like:

    exports.handler = function(context, event, callback) {
      // code
      // i …
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  • By Jens Balmert
    Build Yourself as a Bot for Your Loved Ones Build Self with Autopilot

    We have all probably dreamed at some point of having a second version of ourselves – helping out on our behalf, being reachable at any time of the day…

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a bot with your voice, catchphrases, and laughter? It would make it possible for your loved ones to listen to you whenever they like, but it can also bring your customers’ bot experience to a whole new level.

    In this blog post, let’s build a bot with our own voice and connect it to one of our Twilio numbers, that it can be called any time – for example, by your partner when you’re not around.

    How your company can use Autopilot

    Twilio’s artificial intelligence platform, Autopilot, now supports playing audio files for conversational bot phone calls, as an addition to the existing text-to-speech.

    In your company, this feature can be used to completely change …

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  • By Layla Porter
    Get off the naughty list with Twilio Autopilot, Azure Functions and Table Storage Get off the naughty list header

    This blog post is part of The Third Annual C# Advent by Matthew Groves which is a C# advent calendar.

    Do you worry you're stuck on the naughty list? Have you forgotten all the good deeds and awesome things you've done over the past year to deserve more than a sack of coal?

    Tracking your little wins as they happen is a fantastic way to remember your successes whether you're sharing the list with your boss or Santa Claus or just yourself!

    We will use Twilio Autopilot to capture your accomplishments, thus enabling you to keep a log via SMS, voice, WhatsApp, Slack or even your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device!

    We're going to save the output of Autopilot to Azure Table Storage via an Azure Function.

    This post assumes some basic knowledge of C# and RESTful APIs.

    To get started, we will need:

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  • By Adam King
    Keep Your Christmas Party Organized with Some Twilio Magic christmas-party-organize.png

    If you have ever tried to keep over a hundred people organized for a Christmas party, you will already know how much of a nightmare it can be!

    Tarik Zawia and Adam King from Twilio’s London office decided to add a little Twilio Magic to make this year's event a success.

    Defining Christmas Party Organizational Challenges

    Tarik Zawia - Account Executive - EMEA

    Working for Twilio, I knew that communications could be used to help keep things on track. This winter, I decided to have some fun with Twilio to make our US Alumni Club annual London pub-crawl (co-hosted by Cornell, GW, and UChicago) a little more hi-tech than in previous years.

    So, as with most (highly important and serious) engineering projects, we started with a problem to solve...

    Problem Statement: Keeping over a hundred people in the right place at the right time for an organized pub …

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  • By Evangelos Resvanis
    How to Build an Image Classifier with Twilio Autopilot image-classifier-autopilot.png

    In this article, I will show you one of the many possible ways to build an Image Classifier using Twilio Autopilot in your flow. We will use Node.js with TensorFlow and show the final result on WhatsApp.

    Let's get started.


    Our Image Classifier is based on Transfer Learning using TensorFlow. Transfer Learning is a great way to build on top of thousands of existing training models that are already available, saving you valuable development time and resources. To learn more about it and apply your own logic, check out this TensorFlow image retraining tutorial.

    Install TensorFlow by following these relevant steps

    The Main Components

    The building blocks for this demo code are the following:

    • A Node.js Express-based app to handle all incoming requests (for example, getting the name of the new set of images you want to train the bot with; e.g. "polar bear")
    • Script for …
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  • By Angelo Stavrow
    Build It: How to Crowdsource Questions at Live Events Glitch Twilio SIGNAL

    Angelo Stavrow from Glitch joins us on the blog today for this guest post about how Glitch surfaced live audience questions using Twilio APIs during a SIGNAL 2019 interview.

    Have you ever attended a live interview and wished there was a way you could communicate your great questions to the host? And that the host would have a way to review your questions and ask them, too?

    Glitch often works with partners to develop apps that help them engage in meaningful conversations with their communities, or showcase their APIs. Twilio hosted Mindy Kaling for their SIGNAL conference keynote this year, and had Glitch CEO Anil Dash interview her on stage. We wanted to find a way to create an engaging experience for the audience and for Mindy while showcasing how Twilio APIs work, so we built a tool with Twilio so you could do just that.

    194 questions were asked …

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