Integrate Omni-Language Support into Twilio Flex with the Lionbridge Language Cloud

April 21, 2022
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Aligning with contact center agents on requests or issues can be difficult for customers. Now, imagine some customers not being able to have these conversations at all because they speak a different language.

Having the ability to communicate with customers in their primary language improves their experience, reduces call-time, and showcases a regional focus around the globe. Using automated translation embedded in your digital channels simplifies communications and enables existing agents to handle interactions in multiple languages.

Twilio Flex has validated an integration with Lionbridge Language Cloud to enable contact centers to add omni-language support for Chat, SMS, and WhatsApp, directly into your agents’ primary desktop. Now your agents can communicate with customers through their preferred channel and language using AI-based Neural Machine Translation (NMT).

This solution allows you to build your Twilio Flex contact center with global customer experiences in mind without having to hire employees in each region. Imagine the customer experience you can provide with your skilled agents being able to handle multiple conversations in the desired language!

Agent and Customer experience with the Lionbridge integration

Twilio Flex customers can work with Lionbridge Language Cloud’s patented technology to train the solution to optimize brand voice and consistency during translation. This helps ensure translations understand industry terminology, brand keywords, and responses specific to your solutions.

Lionbridge Language Cloud integration features

  1. Support for over 110+ languages
  2. Best in class AI-based Neural Machine Translation
  3. Translations customized for each customer (brand, company, product and industry terms)
  4. Secure translations with ISO 27001 and 27701 certifications
  5. Translated content is not stored and sensitive information is tokenized and not translated
  6. User interface optimized for multilingual chat

Integrating Lionbridge’s omni-language translation

This validated integration was designed with the Twilio Flex Product Team, and can be deployed in a day. Lionbridge’s solution is built on the Twilio Conversations API, so you can rest easy knowing that this solution can scale with the needs of global enterprises or provide personalized service for small direct to consumer businesses with customers worldwide.


Twilio Flex contact centers around the world can integrate Lionbridge Language Cloud to enable omnilingual translation. You can integrate this solution natively into Twilio Flex to provide customers support in their native language.

Learn More

To learn more about the Lionbridge Language Cloud integration for Twilio Flex, please review the documentation or visit the Twilio Showcase.

Want to integrate today? Please email to get connected with the Twilio team.

Philip Borden is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Twilio where he works on Twilio Flex and Technology Partner GTM. His focus is on coordinating GTM strategies for partner launches and showcasing the value of Twilio Flex programmability. Prior to Twilio, Philip managed Product Marketing with partners at SendGrid and Sling TV.