Introducing Lookup Reassigned Number

September 14, 2023

Introducing Lookup Reassigned Number

Introducing Lookup Reassigned Number

In today's business landscape, sustainable growth is a top priority for every company. Achieving this requires a thorough review of expenses and optimizing expenditures to maximize value. As businesses reassess their strategies, one critical aspect under scrutiny is how they engage with their users. This includes verification processes, promotional communication, alerts, and notifications, all of which play a vital role in user interaction. Businesses utilize various channels for communication, such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, and more.

Among these channels, SMS stands out as an effective means of communication due to its ubiquity and user familiarity. Whether it's using SMS one-time passwords (OTPs), clicking links for promotions, or receiving essential notifications like flight gate departures, SMS offers a direct and reliable connection.

When SMS messages reach users at the right moment, their conversion rates can soar. This, in turn, fosters increased user engagement, loyalty, and revenue for the company. However, achieving these goals comes with its own set of challenges.

Users frequently change their phone numbers, and despite businesses' efforts to maintain up-to-date contact details, they often face hurdles in doing so. When a user changes their phone number, the old number may be assigned to a new person. This poses a risk: if a user fails to update their contact information in a business's records, the company might unknowingly send messages to the wrong recipient. This not only results in wasted resources but can also lead to unauthorized contact, which, in certain countries, can result in hefty fines for businesses.

Introducing Lookup Reassigned Number

Twilio recognizes this challenge and offers a solution known as Lookup Reassigned Number. With Lookup Reassigned Number, businesses can harness mobile-based intelligence to determine if the same user who previously owned a phone number is still the owner.

Who can use Lookup Reassigned Number

Lookup Reassigned Number is now on Public Beta available to any Twilio Lookup customer with a mobile number input field.

How Lookup Reassigned Number helps businesses

Lookup Reassigned Number answers to a very specific question "Does this number belong to the person I think it does" and by answering it, it can help businesses eliminate the headache of businesses unintentionally contacting the wrong individuals, streamlining communication and ensuring compliance with legal regulations. It also helps businesses to clean their data while increasing conversion and reducing costs drastically by just confirming which users you can send communications to and will also avoid potential expensive fines.

Lookup Reassigned Number is the new addition to help businesses to streamline their flows and increase efficiency, conversion, and avoid fraud. Learn more about it here.