Top PHP State Management Tutorials of August 2019

August 21, 2019
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Almost everyone in the world likes cookies. It’s hard not to like cookies when grandmas, commercials, and bright-eyed Girl Scouts make them impossible to avoid. Those addictive, sweet, circles of joy are so ingrained into our everyday lives that even our dogs and kids don’t stand a chance at avoiding these fine treats.

It would only make sense that something so delicious would eventually permeate non-food categories. In the mid-1990s, cookies continued their conquest and found their way into technology. 

During early web browser development, a founding engineer of Netscape Communications decided that the protocol that best-implemented state management should be called “cookies”. Lou Montulli believed that fortune cookies best defined these bits of information delivered in small packets.

For the past 25 years, cookies have taken the lead in managing state within web applications. However, microservices such as Twilio Sync offer an additional option in state management. They also have added benefits that modern PHP applications will enjoy such as real-time syndication and increased security.

If you want to learn more about your options for state management when building web applications then check out this round-up of PHP tutorials:

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