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Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

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Updated Twilio Studio widget: Make Outgoing Call GA

The Make Outgoing Call widget has been updated to include full support for Answering Machine Detection and advanced call recording options. Simply re-add the widget to an existing Flow to pick up the new features.

To learn more, visit the documentation on the Make Outgoing Call widget, or try it out in Studio.

Programmable Voice

Voice JS 1.9 - Max average bitrate API GA

With this release, you are able to set the bitrate your Voice Client JS application should use. This allows you to better plan and estimate your bandwidth requirements.

Click here for more information about the Max average bitrate API.

Phone Numbers

Change to the Phone Number Provisioning API

Effective September 10, for new phone numbers provisioned through the existing Phone Number Provisioning API, address requirements will be enforced via the API, provided through an AddressSid. This means you will be required to provide addresses for newly provisioned regulated phone numbers. API calls to provisioned phone numbers that do not submit a valid address will fail with error code 21631. Only API calls provisioning numbers outside the US and Canada that fail to send an address are affected.

Programmable Voice

Voice iOS 2.1- iOS 13 (Xcode 11) Push notification support GA

Voice iOS SDK 2.1 adds support for the stricter VoIP push notification requirements introduced in iOS 13 & Xcode 11. If you build your App with Xcode 11, you must upgrade to this version to avoid service disruption to your iOS 13 users.

Click here for more information about upgrading to this version

Debugger Webhook Upgrade GA

Every account with subaccounts will now have the option to get notified about subaccount level errors/warnings through a single webhook endpoint. It means that if you choose the option to Include errors and warnings from my subaccounts, Twilio will post new errors and warnings from your subaccounts to the debugger webhook endpoint you configure on the debugger Settings page.

Note: This will only work for accounts with subaccounts. Create a subaccount to test this feature.

Questions/comments? Reach out to

Contact Center

Voice Insights Advanced Features now enabled for all Flex projects GA

All Flex projects now have access to the Voice Insights advanced features:

  • Time-series views of metrics
  • Event Streams
  • Programmatic access to call summaries

These features are enabled for all Flex projects and included in Flex Active User Hour and Named User paid plans.

Learn more about what's included with the advanced features in our documentation, and visit your dashboards within the Twilio Console.

Contact Center

All Flex projects that use Automatic Updates upgraded to Flex UI 1.12 GA

We have updated all Flex projects that use Automatic Updates to Flex UI 1.12.

This Flex UI release introduced the AudioPlayerManager API, a dialpad for sending DTMF tones during an active call, and performance improvements to the Teams View. For a full changelog, visit the Flex UI release notes.

Reminder: You can pin to individual versions of the Flex UI or manage your Automatic Updates within the Flex Admin UI.

Contact Center

Flex UI 1.13 is now available with improved support for chat tasks and notifications for transfer failures

This release of Flex-UI introduces minor fixes to how we handle custom chat tasks, new notifications for call transfers failures and UI performance improvements.

For a full changelog, visit the Flex UI release notes

Programmable Video

Video JS 1.19.1 - Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) Tagging API GA

The Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) Tagging API allows you to mark the audio packets with Expedited Forwarding (EF) and video packets with Assured Forwarding (AF) for the purposes of prioritised packet routing. When enabled, supporting networks will prioritize audio and video packet delivery for improved audio and video quality. Note, only Chrome supports DSCP tagging.

For more information, refer to the [docs] and [Example]

This release is available here: [GitHub Twilio-video.js]


New Twilio Studio widget: TwiML Redirect GA

The TwiML Redirect Studio widget allows you to redirect control of a voice or messaging execution away from Studio to execute custom TWiML and then return back to the flow. This allows you to extend Studio further with your own custom code.

To learn more, visit the documentation on the TwiML redirect widget, or try it out in Studio.

SendGrid Email API

Valid Characters for Event Webhook Authentication GA

We have updated the characters that can be included in the credentials for webhook authentication. Starting today, characters will be limited to those that are included on this list. Please ensure your webhook credentials (username + password) adhere to this updated list to continue uninterrupted access to our webhook.

Programmable Messaging

Rate limits for Multimedia Messaging (MMS) GA

In order to keep you in carrier compliance and ensure fair service across all customers, we now have rate limits in place for MMS service. While you can still send messages to Twilio at a rapid rate, the delivery rate for each account is now capped at 25 messages per second (MPS) and for each Twilio long code at 1 MPS.

For time-sensitive messages, we recommend that you keep a close eye on the queue length via Message Queue Insights in the console. You can also find more details on this page.

Contact Center

Chat Monitoring added to Flex Teams View GA

Flex admins and supervisors can now monitor live messaging conversations while managing their agents. The Flex Teams View provides a real-time transcript for any of Flex's messaging channels, like SMS, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.

Learn more about supervisor capabilities and Teams View programmability in our Monitoring Agent Activity guide.

Programmable Video

Video Compositions Bulk Deletion in the Twilio Console Beta

Twilio Video Compositions now supports Bulk Deletion in the Twilio Console. This capability provides customers a much simpler way to delete large sets of Video Compositions compared to the previous process of individual Video Composition deletions.

Programmable Voice

HTTP Callbacks (webhooks): Connection Overrides for Voice GA

Twilio's Programmable Voice platform for HTTP callbacks (webhooks) has been enhanced to allow you to easily override our default connection settings on a per request basis, giving you simple and flexible control of callbacks to your server/applications.

Twilio uses HTTP callbacks (webhooks) to let your application know when events happen, such as receiving an incoming phone call. When the event occurs, Twilio makes an HTTP request (usually a POST or a GET) to the URL you configured for the webhook. Twilio has implemented the override as a URL extension in the form of "fragments" that can be added to the standard HTTP webhook URL on a per request basis.

The Connection Override parameters allow you to specify:

  • Longer timeouts to better support intermittent network issues between Twilio and your server/application.
  • Shorter timeouts to speed up failover (to fallback URL) in the case of an outage on your server/application.
  • HTTP callback connection retries on failures/timeouts.
  • The egress Twilio Edge Location for your HTTP callback
  • The total timeout limit for all of the retries to complete your request.
  • The use of Server Name Indication (SNI), if your server/application requires SNI to ensure a proper TLS handshake for all attempts.

For details please refer to our user documentation.

Programmable Video

Programmable Video Recordings Generally Available GA

Twilio Video Recordings, previously in Public Beta, is now Generally Available. Video Recordings allows you to flexibly record any of your Twilio Video Group Room interactions, with separate recording files for each audio and video track of all Room participants. Our API and pricing has not changed with the GA release.

As part of the GA release, we are introducing Video Recordings bulk deletion capabilities in the Twilio Console. This allows you to delete a large set of Video Recordings at once instead of deleting them one-by-one.

Contact Center

Outbound Calling Available in Flex Experimental Features

Flex now includes an experimental dialpad, enabling your contact center agents to make outbound calls to customers, add internal employees or external numbers to a call, and send DTMF tones to connected calls. Enable the feature under the Experimental Features section in the Flex Admin UI.

Learn more about the Dialpad and Experimental Features within our End User Guide.

Programmable Messaging

Advanced Opt-Out for SMS is Generally Available GA

Advanced Opt-Out gives customers granular control over the end-to-end compliance experience for their customers and users. Customers can now customize opt-in, opt-out, help keywords, and confirmation messages on a global basis with per-country or per-language overrides all within the console.

Programmable Fax

Outbound Programmable Fax Generally Available GA

Outbound Programmable Fax is now Generally Available. Customers can build production applications to send faxes at scale using a simple and reliable REST API. Inbound Programmable Fax (receiving faxes) will remain a beta product. Learn more here.

Programmable Voice

Voice JS 1.8 GA

Media reconnection states and events: With this API, auto reconnect is attempted if a network disruption occurs.

New Region:de1-ix is now available in the list of regions

New Error Object: Errors emitted through Device.on(‘error’) and Connection.on(‘error’) now contain a new twilioError parameter which provides more details about the error.

For more information click [here]

Programmable Voice

Voice Android 4.5.0 - Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) Tagging API GA

The Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) Tagging API allows you to mark the audio packets with Expedited Forwarding (EF) for the purposes of improved packet routing. This behavior is enabled by default. When enabled, supporting networks will prioritize audio packet delivery for improved audio quality.

For more information, refer to the [docs] and [Example]

This release is available here: [Bintray]

Programmable Voice

Voice iOS 4.3.0 - Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) Tagging API GA

The Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) Tagging API allows you to mark the audio packets with Expedited Forwarding (EF) for the purposes of prioritised packet routing. This behavior is enabled by default. When enabled, supporting networks will prioritize audio packet delivery for improved audio quality.

For more information, refer to the [docs] and [Example]

This release is available here: [Dynamic Framework], [Static Library]

Contact Center

Flex UI 1.12 with AudioPlayerManager API is now available GA

This Flex UI release adds the AudioPlayerManager API, which makes it easier to add sound playback. For example, you can use the AudioPlayerManager API to add audio notifications to events that you don’t want your agents to miss.

Other notable changes in this release include:

  • Support for setting chat orchestrations per task
  • Ability to send DTMF tones in the call
  • Ability to add/replace/remove action buttons in the IncomingTaskCanvas component
  • Team View performance improvements

For a full changelog, visit the Flex UI release notes.

GBP and JPY as a Billing currency GA

For our international customers, we will support billing in the following local currencies: GBP and JPY. When new accounts are created on by customers from UK and Japan, based on the phone number provided for user verification, the country code of that phone number will be utilized to assign a local billing currency as opposed to US Dollar. This will allow you to see your Twilio usage in your local currency and also make payments in your local currency.


New Twilio Studio widget: Call Recording GA

The new Call Recording Studio widget allows you to toggle the recording of voice calls handled by Studio. The widget exposes all of the functionality of Programmable Voice's call recording, including recording channel management, status callbacks, and trim control via our drag-and-drop interface.

To learn more, visit the documentation on the Call Recording widget, or try it out in Studio.

Twilio Git Guard Credential Leak Alerts Beta

To protect you against account compromise, we integrated with GitHub Token Scanning to send you an email security alert if we detect that your Account SID and Auth Token have been committed to a public repository on GitHub. With fraudsters and hackers scanning the internet for API keys, it is important to store your Twilio credentials securely and mitigate unauthorized access to your account.

To learn more about this feature, please check out the blog post.


New Twilio Interconnect Exchange - Frankfurt, Germany GA

Twilio Interconnect has been expanded with a new Interconnect Exchange Installation in Frankfurt, Germany.

The new exchange provides customers with connectivity via cross connect, VPN, Bring-Your-Own-MPLS, and the Equinix Cloud Exchange with initial product support for Elastic SIP Trunking, SIP Interface and Voice WebRTC.

Twilio now has two Interconnect Exchanges in Europe, one in Frankfurt and one in London. This allows European customers to set up redundant interconnects from their networks to Twilio adding an additional layer or resiliency while benefiting from the security and consistency of a dedicated interconnect.

Click here for information about Twilio Interconnect and here for documentation.

Programmable Voice

Voice iOS 4.2.0 - Custom Parameters in Canceled Call Notification GA

You can now retrieve the custom parameters set in your TwiML application from TVOCancelledCallInvite. With this addition, you can for example, display a missed call notification with the caller’s display name retrieved from the TVOCancelledCallInvite custom parameters.

For more information, refer to the API docs

This release is available here: [Dynamic Framework], [Static Library]

Contact Center

Flex Plugin Builder v3 Beta

The Flex Plugin Builder v3 is now in Beta. This release enables you to build and deploy your plugins directly from the CLI by leveraging the Functions & Assets API. You can integrate the release of your hosted Flex plugins within a CI/CD pipeline.

To opt into the newest version, check our upgrade guide for using the Plugin Builder.

Programmable Messaging

Launching Twilio Conversations Beta

To help you manage two-way communication with your customers, today we released a new API called Twilio Conversations. Using Conversations, it's easy and quick to build cross-channel messaging applications: SMS to WhatsApp, SMS to Chat, or any other combination. Twilio even exchanges Media for you automatically — no need for webhooks!

Conversations is open to anyone with a Twilio Account. Head over to the documentation to learn more and give it a try.

Programmable Voice

Voice Insights Generally Available GA

Voice Insights is now Generally Available. Voice Insights provides powerful data aggregation tools and detailed summaries to help understand call behavior in Twilio Console. The Insights Dashboard enables you to troubleshoot with precision, identify emerging issues, and understand call behavior trends. The call summary exposes call properties such as the carriers of the caller and callee, the SIP response, and whether or not quality impacting transport degradation was detected. These features are now included with every voice minute placed on the Twilio platform. Learn about Voice Insights by checking out our docs.

Additional advanced features are available in Console for $0.0025 per minute. Metrics provide time-series representation of call data and Events list call progress and Voice SDK state changes. You can enable Voice Insights advanced features here.

Please note - we will continue to maintain the preview API for Client call data until March 1, 2020. At that time we will cease responding to requests to any of the preview endpoints.

Programmable Voice

Launching Twilio Media Streams Beta

The new Media Streams API gives you access to the raw audio stream of your Programmable Voice calls by forking the audio stream in real-time and sending it to a destination of your choosing using websockets. Media Streams can be used for use cases such as real-time transcriptions, sentiment analysis, voice authentication, and more by sending the forked audio stream to your own application or a third-party service such as Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, Amazon Lex, or Gridspace Sift.

Learn more about this announcement, how to use it and Github code samples


Autopilot Generally Available GA

Autopilot is now Generally Available. Autopilot lets you build, train and deploy AI-powered bots on any communications channel that can interface seamlessly with contact center platforms like Twilio Flex.

The following features are now available in the GA release: pre-built bot templates, speech recognition optimization, new training interface in Console, event webhooks, Simulator to test and troubleshoot your bots, and Custom Channel to let you build bots on custom-built or 3rd-party chat platforms. Learn more here.

Contact Center

Flex Zendesk CTI Integration Generally Available GA

Using the new Zendesk CTI Flex integration, teams using Zendesk as their ticketing system can now interact with their customers across multiple communication channels and focus on solving customer issues instead of administering their account, by letting Flex take care of the ticket housekeeping, right from within the Zendesk UI.

This integration is Generally Available starting today and supports the following: search and screenpop, interaction logging, context switching, chat transcription, voice recording, and click to dial (beta).

You can add Flex to your Zendesk Support Domain by following the documentation here.

SendGrid Email API

Email Validation API Beta

Our real-time Email Validation API helps protect your sending reputation by validating email addresses before you send to them. Use detailed results from our machine learning-powered, mailbox provider-friendly API to alert subscribers of possible typos while they’re still in the signup form and protect your sending reputation by decreasing the risk of your email bouncing. Currently available for free to Pro and Premier Email API plans while in Beta. Learn more about this announcement, how to use it, and the future pricing.


New Serverless API to Deploy Functions and Assets Beta

Our new serverless REST API makes it easy to deploy code to Twilio Functions, our serverless code execution environment, and Twilio Assets, our static file hosting service. This new API allows code written in NodeJS and static asset files to be created locally and deployed to the Twilio Serverless environment. The REST API can be used directly with the Twilio helper libraries, or via the Twilio CLI and the Twilio Serverless Toolkit.

Existing Functions and Assets are incompatible with the new API, but they will remain accessible via the web Console as they are today.

To find out more and get started with the new API, visit the new Runtime section of the Twilio docs.

Twilio Command Line Interface (CLI) Beta

The Twilio Command Line Interface (CLI) is a new open-source tool to unleash all the power of Twilio from the command line. All of Twilio's REST APIs are supported. The CLI makes it easy to do common tasks like purchase and manage phone numbers, view your SMS and call logs, view Debugger logs, and much more. Visit the docs here to get started.

Programmable Video

Video Android 4.3.0 - Dominant Speaker Detection API GA

The Dominant Speaker Detection API sends events to your application every time the dominant speaker changes. You can use those events to improve the end user's experience by, for example, highlighting which participant is talking.

The Dominant Speaker Detection API is only available for Group Rooms. To enable dominant speaker detection, set the ConnectOptions.dominantSpeakerEnabled property to true. Use Room.getDominantSpeaker() to determine the current dominant speaker. Implement Room.Listener.onDominantSpeakerChanged() method to receive callbacks when the dominant speaker changes.

For more information, refer to the API docs and to the dominant speaker tutorial

This release is available here

Programmable Voice

Voice Android 4.4.0 - Custom Parameters in Cancelled Call Notification GA

You can now retrieve the custom parameters set in your TwiML application from CancelledCallInvite. With this addition, you can for example, display a missed call notification with the caller’s display name retrieved from the CancelledCallInvite custom parameters.

For more information, refer to the API docs

This release is available here

New Customer Provisioning Tools for Reseller Partners via Admin Center GA

Twilio has shipped new Reseller Tools in Admin Center that will allow partners to provision customers. Customers provisioned via this tool will be linked together in a single invoice for a partner to manage. This capability is only available for partners with Reseller Tools enabled.

New Billing Console Summary Page for Reseller Partners GA

A new section in Console billing pages provide partners with up to the minute usage charges broken down on a per customer basis. These pages also show partners their usage costs as well as the cost for end customers. This capability is only available for partners with Reseller Tools enabled.

New Design of Invoices Launched GA

We have launched a new design for Twilio invoices starting June 2019. The new design is based on customer feedback and uses modern design principles and engineering solutions to provide an easy to understand invoice.

The design simplifies the ordering of information to provide the most important information upfront and connecting the dots for confusing concepts. Power users can continue to use the CSV supplement to invoices or the details section in the PDF.

Don't yet see this design on your invoice? We are rolling out the design in phases to customers and are iteratively launching sections of the new design between June and Dec 2019.

Curious to understand your new invoice? Check this article.

VAT Invoices Available for Customers in Europe GA

Starting July 1st, 2019, we have begun collecting Value-Added Tax (VAT) on the services sold to our customers in 32 countries in Europe. Nonresident entities, such as Twilio Inc. are now required by European taxing authorities to collect Value-Added Tax (VAT) on its sales of its services to customers located in the listed countries.

Twilio is only required to impose VAT on Business to Customer (B2C) transactions. Business to Business (B2B) customers are tax exempt, and will be treated as such when a valid VAT number is entered via the Billing Preferences page on console.

VAT for the previous month is assessed on the first day of the following month. For example, you will be charged VAT for your July usage in August. You can see the VAT amount charged in your invoice.