Twilio < Pay >

Last Updated: January 1, 2021

1. Twilio <Pay>. Twilio <Pay> allows Customer to build PCI-compliant voice applications using the Programmable Voice portion of the Services. “Twilio <Pay>” consists of three separate services: (1) the Twilio <Pay> Verb, which orchestrates the capture of payment information; (2) Twilio <Pay> Connectors, which transmits transactions to a payment processor of Customer’s choice; and (3) Twilio Agent Assisted <Pay>, which allows agents to control the capture of payment information. In order to use Twilio <Pay>, Customer must have PCI mode enabled for the Programmable Voice portion of the Services in Customer’s account. Twilio <Pay> Verb, Twilio <Pay> Connectors, and Twilio Agent Assisted <Pay> are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI-DSS”) Level 1 compliant.

2. Payment Processing. Twilio is not a payment processor nor is Twilio providing Customer with, directly or indirectly, any payment processing services. Twilio is not responsible for (a) the acts or omissions of any payment processor, including, without limitation, a payment processor’s failure to process any payments; (b) any data provided by Customer to Twilio that is in a payment processor’s possession; or (c) network connectivity problems outside of Twilio’s network.

3. PCI-DSS Compliance. Customer will comply with PCI-DSS in connection with its use of Twilio <Pay>, including, without limitation, responsibilities that are designated for Customer, including Customer’s portion of any shared responsibilities between Twilio and Customer, as set forth in the PCI-DSS Responsibility Matrix available at Customer acknowledges and understands that using Twilio <Pay> will not make Customer PCI-DSS compliant.

4. Payment Issues. Customer is solely responsible for managing and resolving all complaints, refunds, or credits or payment issues, disputes, reversals, chargebacks, or adjustments.

5. Payment Processor Credential Limitations. Customer will limit Twilio’s access to Customer’s payment processor account only to allow Twilio to transmit payment information to a payment processor for the charging and tokenization of payments.