Service and Country Specific Requirements

Last Updated: September 27, 2023

Customer’s use of the Services is subject to Customer’s compliance with the Service Specific Requirements, Country Specific Requirements, and Country Specific Requirements for Communications Services below (collectively, "Requirements") to the extent applicable.

If any of the following terms are used but not defined within a Requirement below, they will have the meanings set forth in the Twilio Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP"): "you", "your", "yours", "Customer", "Twilio", "End User", and "Services." Twilio may update or modify these Requirements from time to time. These updates and modifications that are material in nature are covered in this change log, which Customer deems as reasonable and sufficient notice given to Customer for such updates and modifications. Customer’s continued use of the Services constitutes Customer’s acceptance of the updated or modified Requirements. Twilio recommends that Customer periodically reviews the change log and these Requirements. 

These Requirements are part of the AUP. 

Third Party Services

Twilio acts as reseller of the third-party products and services set forth below (“Third Party Services”). If Customer purchases any Third Party Services from Twilio, such Third Party Services are solely provided by the applicable third party set forth below (“Third Party Provider”). Customer’s use of any Third Party Services is subject to the applicable Third Party Provider’s terms set forth below (“Third Party Terms”). Twilio is not a party to any Third Party Terms and is not liable for any Third Party Services whatsoever.

Third Party Services

Third Party Provider

Third Party Terms

Calabrio, Inc.

Valimail Inc.

Valimail Inc.

Meta Platforms, Inc. or its affiliates

Google LLC

SpinSci Technologies, LLC

Spoke Network Inc. or its affiliates

WhatsApp LLC or its affiliates

Waterfield Technologies, Inc.

Additionally, Twilio may make available through the Twilio Marketplace or Twilio SendGrid Marketplace additional features, functionality, or services (each, an “Marketplace Add-on”) from third party partners (each, an “Add-on Partner”). If Customer purchases a Marketplace Add-on from Twilio, such Marketplace Add-On is solely provided by the applicable Add-on Partner. Customer’s use of a Marketplace Add-on is subject to the applicable Add-on Partner’s terms of service (“Marketplace Add-on Terms”). Twilio is not a party to any Marketplace Add-on Terms and is not liable for any Marketplace Add-ons whatsoever. Marketplace Add-ons are not considered Services.

Communications Services” mean the Services that are communication services used in connection with Twilio's application programming interfaces.

For regulatory, licensing, or tax compliance reasons, the Communications Services, or a portion thereof, may be provided to Customer by the applicable Twilio entity set forth below or a third-party services provider on behalf of that Twilio entity.

If Customer is provided Communications Services in:

Communications Services are provided by the following Twilio entity:

United States of America
New Zealand
Any other country not identified in this table

Twilio Inc.
Company incorporated in the State of Delaware
Registration No. 4518652
101 Spear Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

Any country within the European Union
United Kingdom

Twilio Ireland Limited
Company incorporated in the Republic of Ireland
Registration No. 557454
3 Dublin Landings
North Wall Quay
Dublin 1, Ireland


Twilio Ireland Limited Norwegian Branch
Company incorporated in Norway
Registration No. 925137588
c/o Advokatfirm DLA Piper Norway DA Bryggegata 6 0250 Oslo, Norway


Teravoz Telecomunicações Ltda.
Company incorporated in Brazil
Registration No. 21.028.759/0001-52
Rua Padre João Manoel, 808, 3rd Floor, Cerqueira César
CEP 01411-000, São Paulo, Brazil


Twilio Japan G.K.
Company incorporated in Japan
Registration No. 0110-03-009480
c/o ARK Outsourcing KK, 4-3-5-704 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0013, Japan