Services in Private Beta

Last Updated: October 17, 2023

1. Availability.  From time to time, Twilio may make available certain Services that are identified as alpha, beta, not generally available, limited release, developer preview, or any similar Services that are, in all the foregoing cases, only made available to a limited number of customers on an invitation basis in a non-public or private manner (collectively, “Private Beta Offerings”). Private Beta Offerings made available to Customer are strictly for testing and experimentation purposes only. Customer acknowledges that, by their nature, Private Beta Offerings may (a) not meet speed or performance benchmarks or expectations; (b) have gaps in functionality; and (c) contain bugs. Any terms relating to support, service levels, or performance standards in the Agreement do not apply to Private Beta Offerings.

2. Customer Discretion.  Customer’s use of any Private Beta Offerings will solely be at Customer’s own discretion and risk.

3. Confidentiality.  Private Beta Offerings, and any information related to such Private Beta Offerings, including their existence, are considered Twilio’s Confidential Information.

4. Discontinuation.  Twilio may discontinue a Private Beta Offering at any time, in its sole discretion, or in rare circumstances, decide not to make a Private Beta Offering generally available.