Twilio's developer ecosystem, customers and end users expect Twilio to protect their personal information, sensitive data and user privacy. That responsibility includes how Twilio handles government requests received.

As part of our commitment to the privacy of your data, Twilio issues semi-annual reports to provide visibility to the Twilio community around the government requests received for customer information by municipal, state, provincial and federal governments globally.

In that spirit, Twilio’s Transparency Reports document the total volume of government requests for information received by Twilio, how Twilio responded to the requests and how often Twilio notified users of the requests.

Twilio will continue to publish a semi-annual transparency report. Please be advised that Twilio may restate data going forward if more complete information becomes available or if Twilio changes classifications. Current and archival transparency reports are available here on the Twilio website and Github.

Please email with specific questions or feedback on the transparency report.