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Picturing the Future of Messaging: Twilio MMS Now Available on all US Numbers


Today, we’re happy to announce newly expanded Twilio messaging capabilities. For the first time ever, you can now send and receive MMS on all US Twilio phone numbers.

We’ve eliminated months-long wait time and prohibitive costs typically associated with enabling MMS from your app by working with every carrier directly. Now with the click of a button you have three ways to communicate. You can use any Twilio number to send media, send SMS, or make a call.

MMS gives you a new way to reach out to customers efficiently and immediately, bringing you the best traits of email and SMS together. Like SMS, nearly all MMS are read by recipients within the first four minutes. Similar to email, you can say a whole lot in one message by using rich media.

We’re incredibly excited to see how you use MMS, and what the developer community will build with it. To get started hacking with MMS in your language, check out our Getting Started Guide here.

Here are a few of the things that Twilio customers are already using MMS for:

  • Mobile Marketing: Pictures and videos improve open and conversion rates, conveying details you can’t explain in just 160 characters via text message.
  • Delivery Logistics: Rich media gives customers peace of mind when they know the face of their delivery man, taxi driver, or courier.
  • Records and Auditing: Customers can conveniently and instantly upload in-app pictures and receive receipts on their mobile phones via MMS.

Twilio MMS Storage and Pricing

Twilio MMS supports several different file formats, and offers 5 GB of free storage. Images that you send are automatically resized if necessary to meet carrier guidelines. Twilio Messaging features like Message Delivery Information are also available for outgoing MMS messages, allowing you to confidently determine message delivery.
Finally, each MMS costs $0.01 to receive and $0.02 to send. Head over to to learn more.

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