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Programmable Video adds support for Safari 12.1

Programmable Video + Safari

Today, we are proud to announce that Twilio Programmable Video provides support for Safari 12.1 VP8 codec on iOS and macOS. This will help you serve your real-time video users with enhanced interoperability and experience.

Using Programmable Video in Safari 12.1

Safari has an estimated 15% share of the browser market and is the default and most widely used solution on iOS. This makes its support essential for any real-time video communications platform. In Safari 11, the only supported video codec was H.264. This made the creation of interoperable Group Rooms applications challenging given that the developers needed to choose between two options:

  • To force all Group Room participants to use the H.264 codec.
  • To accept that Safari 11 users will not be capable of rendering video tracks coming from Firefox or Chrome users.

The first limits interoperability and restricts developer freedom to select the most appropriate codec for each use case. The second will clearly not provide the best end-user experience.

However, Apple’s latest release of Safari 12.1 added support for the VP8 codec - a major milestone for the implementation of the WebRTC standards. Thanks to this, Twilio Programmable Video developers can guarantee interoperability while keeping full freedom on their codec selection.

When using Programmable Video with Safari 12.1 you will be able to:

  • Guarantee that your Safari users can communicate with the rest of room participants independently on the SDK they are using, even when using Android phones lacking H.264 support.
  • Select the codec that best adapts to your use case making possible, for example, to leverage H.264 HW acceleration for sending video while receiving VP8-encoded video tracks at the same time. See Twilio’s Multi-coded rooms documentation for further insight.
  • Make use of VP8 Simulcast for personalizing quality: an essential feature for providing the best possible video experience in large Group Rooms. To learn more, see Twilio’s Working with VP8 Simulcast guide.

For additional reading, please see the two links below. We can't wait to see what you build!

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