Introducing Twilio Studio, the Fastest Way to Build With Twilio

Twilio Studio the fastest, easiest way to build with Twilio

It’s no secret that great customer engagement is 🔑  for business. However, one of the biggest challenges companies face today is bridging the gap between the experience that customers expect, and the reality of what the company can actually deliver. Helping businesses solve this “communication divide” faster is why we’re so excited to introduce you to the newest addition to the Twilio Engagement Cloud suite of… Read More

Twilio Functions Now Supports npm

Import third-party libraries into your functions using npm package manager. Leverage free, reusable code from the community. Available today in Twilio Functions. Today, we’re excited to announce npm support for Twilio Functions. npm is a package manager for JavaScript that makes it easy to share and reuse code. With npm support in Twilio Functions, you can now leverage the ecosystem of packages and modules provided by the Node.js community. npm support… Read More

Twilio Understand: Transforming How Companies Interact with Customers

Twilio Understand now in developer preview

Turn speech into structured data objects. Analyze text from any communications channel with a single natural language understanding model. Available now in developer preview. This May at Signal, we announced Twilio Understand— a new TwiML verb that uses natural language to figure out the intent of what someone is saying or texting. We’ve seen a lot of interest in it, from people that want to build more… Read More

Twilio’s GDPR Commitment: Support for Customer Compliance Objectives

Twilio is committed to being GDPR compliant

Twilio is committed to being GDPR compliant by May 25, 2018. New data processing addendum for customers. Additional GDPR guidance materials coming soon. At Twilio, we’re keenly aware that organizations who process personal data of people in the EU need to be sure their service providers support compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That’s why we are committed to ensuring our platform is GDPR-compliant… Read More

Introducing the Twilio Global Phone Numbers Catalog

Twilio Global Phone Numbers Catalog

The largest selection of phone numbers available for instant provisioning in over 100 countries. The most powerful Phone Number API and easy-to-use web portal in the industry for discovering, purchasing, and managing numbers. Support for use case tailored numbers and use case-based search. Available today in developer preview. In the past nine years, we’ve worked with carriers around the globe to bring the power of programmable… Read More

New Features for Twilio Sync: Message Streams and IoT Support

Twilio Sync Beta synchronizes state in the cloud

Twilio Sync, our purpose-built API for state synchronization, has been public since May 2017, and has become the go-to tool for real-time applications. Providing a single SDK offering solid performance and support for multiple devices, Twilio Sync today drives applications from real-time dashboards to coordinated video streams. Since then, we’ve been hard at work to go even further, and today we’re excited to bring you two… Read More

Build Your Own Daily Fantasy Football Salary Tracker with Ruby and Twilio MMS

Fantasy football with Twilio MMS

September is here, the NFL has kicked off and the fantasy season is in full swing. Kareem Hunt is a beast, Zeke is gonna serve a 6 week suspension, there’s so much going on! In this post we’ll show you how to build a price tracker for your favorite daily fantasy sports website with Ruby. It will help you stay on top of the competition and receive price alerts as… Read More

Testing Twilio SMS Requests for .NET Applications with the Rider REST Client

Rider tool for C#

We can use the Twilio Nuget package to write applications that work with the Twilio SMS API, but what if we want to experiment with the API in our IDE? If that IDE happens to be JetBrains Rider, there is an easy way to do this. Rider is a cross-platform .NET IDE that builds on technology from ReSharper and IntelliJ IDEA. This provides the best of two worlds: excellent… Read More

How to Deploy JavaScript & Node.js Applications to AWS Lambda

Deploy Node JS applications to AWS Lambda

Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) such as Amazon Web Services Lambda and Twilio Functions can be cheap execution environments in which you pay only for resources used to deal with a particular request, typically measured in seconds or milliseconds. Today we will take a look at deploying a JavaScript Node.js application to AWS Lambda. Our application will keep a list of our best friends which we would like to… Read More