Building Video Chat with IBM Watson, Twilio Video, and WebRTC


In Houston,TX patients drive from all over the state to receive treatment at a leading cancer clinic. Some patients commuted six hours each way. Last year, that cancer clinic completely eliminated their patients’ commute, letting patients communicate with doctors from the comfort of their own home via video chat. IBM Developer Advocate, Jeff Sloyer, shared the story of the Texas Clinic at last year’s Kranky Geek… Read More

SIGNAL Faves: Running a Software Contact Center At Scale


I try not to have favorites in the Twilio community, but for the Brooklyn hackers using the platform I confess there’s a special place in my heart for Adam Varga and Elliot Gardiner over at Datalot. They built one of the most sophisticated, data-driven contact centers I’ve seen in my time at Twilio and we were way stoked they came to SIGNAL last year to share some of… Read More

Bit By Bit: Brendan Dawes Crowdsources Storytelling Via Text for Airbnb


Many developers can build a project that’s greater than the sum of its parts. But few work with as many parts as Brendan Dawes. Where one of Dawes’ skill sets ends, a new one begins. He transitions easily from hardware tinkering, to front end coding, to back-end database management, and then onto 3-D printing. Dawes’ project range from a Happiness Machine, to a digital representation the… Read More

Announcing SMS Pricing API: Pricing Information Whenever You Need It


Today, we’re excited to announce the SMS Pricing API, giving you instant programmatic access to global Twilio SMS prices so you can make more informed cost-driven decisions. Along with the Voice and Phone Numbers Pricing APIs that were launched last year, this gives you pricing visibility across many of Twilio’s products. The prices you receive are the very latest and are tailored to your account, reflecting… Read More

Get Started With Twilio SMS in Ruby With This Five Minute Video

how to send sms using ruby

Sending and receiving text messages in Ruby is delightfully easy. Whether you are sending appointment reminders or working building a marketing notification system you’ll be up and running in no time after watching this five minute video: Here’s the code from the video for your reference:

What’s Next Now that you have the power of SMS in your toolbelt you can build all sorts of things. Try… Read More

EmoPhone: How To Build A Twilio-Powered IVR Using PHP and ngrok


Before cell phones, there were only landline phones. In high school, I frequently called the person I had a crush on at home. Calling a semi-private phone number to have private conversations was always a rough time. I hoped against all odds that my crush would be the one answering my call and not their parent or sibling. Awkward conversations with disapproving fathers were plentiful in… Read More

Introducing Twilio’s Next Generation Helper Libraries


At Twilio, 77% of all requests to our REST API are made by a helper library user-agent. It’s the most common touch point between Twilio and you, the developer. That’s why we’re so excited to announce early access to the next generation of our Python and Ruby helper libraries. These next-gen libraries are built on a new API auto-generation tool, homegrown within Twilio, designed to make… Read More

How to Verify Phone numbers in Python with the Twilio Lookup API

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.59.24 AM

Twilio Lookup is a simple REST API with a ton of utility. You can use Lookup to check whether a number exists, format international numbers to local standards, determine whether a phone is a landline or can receive text messages, and even discover information about the carrier associated with that phone number. In this post, we’re going to learn how to deal with valid and invalid numbers… Read More

Ghosts of Subscriptions Past: Trim Cleans Up Your Charges Via Text


In 2016, we are reticent to put a ring it. Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO commitments all come with a caveat — we can leave at the end of the month. The problem is it’s easy to lose track of the commitments we make, and the monthly fees we incur to as serial subscriber to all sorts of platforms. The subscriptions quietly snowball, unbenounced to the… Read More