Supporting Europe’s PSD2 And The Strong Customer Authentication It Requires

It seems that every month some new payment app pops up looking to be the next category disruptor. Innovative companies like TransferWise are making headlines, with simple to use smartphone apps that allow you to send money abroad, quickly and cheaply. Amazingly, Transferwise is already profitable and handling nearly £1 billion ($1.3 billion USD) in transactions a month. Bitcoin valuations are racing through the roof. And… Read More

How to receive and respond to text messages in Ruby with Hanami and Twilio

If you’re building web applications with Ruby then you’re probably using Rails. Hanami is a young competitor focused on providing a full featured, modern web framework for Ruby developers that is fast, secure and flexible. Hanami is a new web application framework for the Ruby community. It has been under development since 2014, initially under the name Lotus. Version 1 was released in April 2017 and version 1.1 was just… Read More

Putting the helmet on – Securing your Express app

Express is a great way to build a web server using Node.js. It’s easy to get started with and allows you to configure and extend it easily thanks to its concept of middleware. While there are a variety of frameworks to create web applications in Node.js, my first choice is always Express. However, out of the box Express doesn’t adhere to all security best practices. Let’s look at… Read More

Due to CASL, Canadian Carriers Might be Locking Out Your Users

If you use SMS to send codes for two-factor authentication logins or to verify ownership of a phone numbers, you need to be aware of a growing trend where wireless carriers are starting to block your traffic and thus preventing people from signing up and logging into your application. Twilio has two APIs, Verify and Authy, which can help avoid these issues because they are pre-configured… Read More

Bulk Actions for SIMs in Console

Bulk Actions for SIMs in Console

Adding customer requested features. Provisioning SIMs ordered simplified through Console. Updating SIMs in bulk through Console. Today, we’re excited to announce bulk updates for Programmable Wireless SIMs in the Console—a much-requested feature by customers to simplify the provisioning of logically grouped devices. In the past, making changes to a fleet of devices such as moving SIMs to the “Active” state to bring them online or changing… Read More

Regarding Mobile Apps with Hard-coded API Keys

A security report recently announced that Android and iOS apps were discovered to contain hard-coded Twilio credentials, meaning the data from the associated Twilio accounts were potentially at risk of exposure to bad actors. The Twilio platform itself remains secured and un-compromised, and we have no evidence that data from any of the apps was accessed by an unauthorized party. Nonetheless, we’d like to offer our… Read More

How to Build Simple Chat Apps with JavaScript, Node.js and Twilio

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Twilio Chat makes it easy to add chat capability to your application by handling the worst devilish details that come up when building real-time chat. In this post we’ll walk you through how to add Twilio Chat to your own web application using JavaScript. The requirement to follow along are: An understanding of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Some familiarity with Node.JS and Express or a similar framework… Read More