Introducing SIP Registration


We’re excited to introduce a new way to use the Twilio Voice API – via SIP Registration. Now you can connect your SIP-enabled devices or softphones directly to Twilio and use the Voice API to build nifty call-handling logic. For example, you can get phone numbers in nearly 50 countries for those phones. Then, decide if your phones ring sequentially or simultaneously. You can control call… Read More

MyTime Builds A Bridge For Messaging Between Businesses and Customers Using Twilio


There’s a gap in the messaging space, in need of a bridge. Nine out of ten customers want to message the brands they know and love. But, less than half of global businesses have the infrastructure in place to meet their customers’ demand. MyTime wants to be that bridge. They give thousands of businesses the ability to schedule and manage client appointments, and communicate with customers… Read More

Next Generation Java Helper Library Release

Java Helper Library

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of our next generation Java helper library.  Get ready to enjoy a whole new level of productivity. The approach Java is the second next generation helper library that we are releasing, after announcing the new PHP library last month. We’ve rebuilt it from the ground up based on your and your fellow Java developers’ feedback. To learn… Read More

Introducing Multitasking for Taskrouter


Today we’re excited to introduce a new feature for TaskRouter – multitasking. Before we get into multitasking, a quick refresher: TaskRouter is a skill-based routing engine, designed for routing work such as customer support interactions to the best matched agent. Multitasking extends what you can build with TaskRouter by allowing workers to handle multiple tasks concurrently. TaskRouter can be used for many different solutions, but the… Read More

Listen to your Android apps heartbeat with Stetho


I probably work with the web as much as I do with mobile. On the web, developer tools like the Chrome Developer Tools offer more than just a code debugger. The network monitors and layout visualisers make it easier to not just see the code executing, but offer a more holistic debugging experience. I missed this one-stop-shop experience when it came to fixing bugs in my Android… Read More

Using Bots To Route Customer Requests Based On Sentiment and Emotion

2016: the year where no strategy or vision pitch was complete without mentioning bots.  You can’t watch a tech keynote, scroll through your newsfeed, or be anywhere online without reading how bots are replacing apps, or replacing humans.   Assuming though for just a moment that we don’t turn our every human interaction, from wedding vows to childcare, into an AI driven chat based interaction… we… Read More

Triggering Phone Calls In Chrome Using Twilio + Zapier


“Hey did you get the Slack message I sent you about the Flowdock thread? This guy tweeted a Reddit post earlier that you should check out.” You can easily go alert blind during the workday. There are so many platforms. It’s hard to cut through the noise and reach your coworkers — unless you call them all at once and inform them it’s time for a… Read More

Holonumber Saves Deals, Goes Mobile With Twilio


Time kills all deals, but so do faulty VoIP connections.   “Every damn time! Every time we were closing the deal, we’d have some interruption or the connection would break down or lag. By the time they’d call back, the customer changed their mind.” says Costin Miu   Costin previously used Skype to manage sales calls for his e-commerce website. But, when he wasn’t near his… Read More

How to Send an SMS With Python Using Twilio

How to send an SMS in Python

All you need to send an SMS with Python using Twilio are the following ten lines of code:

If you’d like to see this in action, check out this short video: More of a Textual Learner? Here’s a Walkthrough The first thing we need for the above code to work is a Twilio account. Sign up for your free trial account here. We also need an SMS-enabled… Read More