Forward incoming SMS messages to email with Node.js, SendGrid and Twilio Functions

If you want to read incoming SMS messages sent to your Twilio number in your email then do I have a neat solution for you today. We’re going to use Twilio Functions and SendGrid to forward SMS messages directly to your email address. Things you’ll need A Twilio account and a phone number that can receive SMS messages A SendGrid account Let’s get building The entire operation of forwarding… Read More

Next Generation Ruby Helper Library Release

Twilio Ruby Helper Library

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of our next-generation Ruby helper library.   The approach The Ruby library offers new functionality and takes advantage of modern language features. We’ve rebuilt it from the ground up based on the developer feedback we received from you. This release concludes the effort of updating our existing libraries to make the helper libraries more consistent, enable faster… Read More

iOS UserNotifications in Swift

Local notifications provide a core functionality in many apps, and in Swift they are easy to add to whatever you’re building. With iOS10’s UserNotifications you can even display GIFs in notifications. Let’s build a quick application to display a local UserNotification containing a SEGA-related GIF and a prompt for the user to continue receiving notifications. Setting up the project Get started by grabbing this example project off of Github…. Read More

Get Started with Sending SMS in Haskell

Functional programming languages are gaining in popularity so let’s hop on that Haskell bandwagon. With Haskell, you can write clean, concise, and expressive code. Don’t believe me just yet? Now let’s dive into setting up your Haskell developer environment by configuring two package managers installing Haskell making a “Hello, World” program sending our first SMS with Twilio using Haskell (get a Twilio phone number here) Environments There is… Read More

Call Recordings: Add Another Layer of Security with Public Key Encryption

call recording encryption feature for programmable voice api

Added security for sensitive call recordings. Use your own public key to encrypt recordings before they’re stored. Available in developer preview. Today, our default security for call recordings includes encryption at rest for recordings stored with Twilio. However, we’ve learned that some customers, typically those that need to comply with strict industry or regional regulations for data protection, require even stronger security mechanisms. A level of… Read More

Tell the FCC that Net Neutrality is Important to You

The future of the internet is at stake. We hope you’ll take a moment to tell the FCC how important net neutrality is to you. Net neutrality empowers consumers to use the websites and applications that they want without service providers throttling traffic or blocking content. It ensures that innovation and competition — not merger deals — pick the winners and losers of the market. It protects activists, freedom… Read More

Sharing My Son’s Birth with Twilio, Dropbox, and ASP.NET

  Births are Spectacular but Sharing births is difficult On Jan 24th, 2017 my wife and I added a baby boy to our family. When he arrived, we felt overwhelming joy from bringing a new baby into the world, and were anxious to share this with our friends and family who were about three thousand miles away. Then came the challenge – how should we share this… Read More