Configuration Deployments at Twilio

Configuration Deployments are a way to inject configuration at deployment time to be consumed by a service at runtime. Runtime configuration is information that services consume once deployed. Specifically, runtime configuration data varies with the target environment and deployment context of a service. By decoupling runtime configuration from built artifacts we can gain a number of benefits in predictability, resilience, velocity, and engineer experience. 12 Factor Apps and… Read More

How to Build A Custom Call Center with Twilio Studio and TaskRouter

With Twilio Studio and TaskRouter you can set up a call center in less than 1-2 hours. This post will walk you through the steps to receive calls on your Twilio phone number and have the callers put into a call queue. The callers will listen to music while the call center application arranges an agent to take their call. Agents will use their web browser, on… Read More

Make Phone Calls with Twilio, Blazor & C#

In this blog post, we are going to use Blazor to build a simple web page that makes telephone calls straight from your browser with C# and Twilio. What is Blazor you ask? It is a new experimental framework that allows developers to build web applications using HTML, C#, and WebAssembly. With WebAssembly, your browser downloads the web application’s binaries from the server and runs the… Read More

Creating Mars-themed Apps with Python, Flask, Contentful and Twilio

It’s a great day at the International Spaceship Launch Station in Kampala, Uganda. The East African sky is clear blue, and the conditions for sending a crew of three to Mars are perfect. It has taken years of planning to get everything just right: the three astronauts Carolyn, Habibi and Laura have trained hard, and the best route to Mars has been calculated. But something is still missing —… Read More

Building Intelligent Transportation Hardware Systems with Python, LoRa, MQTT and Twilio Sync

What if your house was on fire and you waited for the fire truck to arrive, only to be informed that it was stuck in traffic? Traffic congestion in major cities is a bane for commuters, but as a daily affair we have all gotten used to it. When congestion meets an emergency situation, can lead to loss of lives and property. That is where an intelligent… Read More

Round up: Libraries for checking Pwned Passwords in your 7 favorite languages

Earlier this year Troy Hunt released version 2 of his popular Pwned Passwords API service. The new version comes with even more compromised passwords and a more secure way to query the password API that doesn’t require sending plain text passwords over the network. The API update comes at a good time. When NIST updated its password guidelines in 2016, it included a new recommendation to check “memorized secret… Read More

Tracking Cryptocurrencies via SMS Alarms using JavaScript, Node.js and Twilio

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin—the list of cryptocurrency coins is endless, and new technologies are emerging daily. In this tutorial, we are going to create an app that sends SMS text messages whenever a cryptocurrency’s market value crosses a price threshold. Cryptocurrency investors can sit back, let the market do its thing, and wait for opportunities instead of compulsively checking the markets! Following Along… Read More

How I keep my mom updated on my travel schedule with Python, Twilio, and Google Calendar

I travel a lot for both work and pleasure. My mom loves to know where I’m jetsetting off to and I was failing to keep her properly updated. I could share my location via Find my Friends, but that doesn’t solve the problem of upcoming travel events. I could create a shared document or calendar, but she isn’t always in front of a computer. Enter the… Read More