Get Started With Twilio SMS: Sending SMS Messages Screencast

In a series of screencasts beginning with the first and second Twilio Quickstart Tutorials, we want to continue giving new developers an accessible way to build with Twilio. Today you can walk through the first REST API Quickstart, where you will learn how to make a REST request to Twilio’s API in order to send an outgoing SMS. This is a great way for your application to easily send notifications or distribute your mobile app. If you are new to Twilio, I recommend watching the first two screencasts to familiarize yourself with the basics of sending SMS via TwiML.

As you watch this screencast, we’d like to encourage you to follow along with the tutorial Sending SMS Messages and build your own Twilio app along with us:

You can reach me at or @jonmarkgo on Twitter with feedback or requests so that I can continue to refine and improve the screencasts over the course of the series!