• Structured data

    Transform conversational dialogue into structured data. Configure a custom model to identify and categorize the content that’s most important.

  • NLU for your IVR

    Use Understand as part of a live call flow, so you can greet callers with “What can I help you with?” instead of “Please listen closely as our menu options have changed”.

  • One API, many channels

    Add natural language understanding (NLU) to bots you’ve built with Twilio SMS and platforms, such as Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Alexa and Understand
Use models from existing voice applications built on Twilio to power intelligent Alexa skills.
  • Turn text into structured data

    "I would like to fly from San Francisco to Detroit on December 6th"

    	"intent": "book_flight",
    	"departure": "San Francisco",
    	"arrival": "Detroit",
    	"time": "December 6th"
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