Twilio Flex

Meet Twilio Flex, the programmable contact center platform.


Flex’s contact center platform easily molds to your business needs

Fine-tune your communication workflows, add new channels, and integrate existing solutions at your own pace. Twilio Flex lets you customize your experience, from technical workflows to user interface. Now you can build a solution that fits your business and your industry.

Take complete control
You can tailor Twilio Flex down to the pixels of your contact center UI using API-based programmability designed for mission critical use cases. Design, build, and iterate on the exact customer experience you had in mind.
Increase productivity
Improve contact center operational performance by delivering a single user interface for both agents and supervisors. Now, you can serve customers faster with critical, contextual information all in one place.
Innovate faster
Flex lets you build and ship the features you need at your own pace, without waiting on vendors or learning to use archaic software. Use the programming languages and tools you love to make your business better and your customers happier.


Create and manage conversations seamlessly using one interface

The old way: これまで、担当者は1つのチャネルで1つの画面を見ながら1人の顧客に対応していましたが、こうしたタスクは複雑で、顧客体験の面ではマイナスでした。
The right way: Flexを導入することで、担当者は複数チャネルのタスクを管理し、1つのUIですべて操作できるようになります。チャネルに縛られたり、膨大な数のタブを広げることなく、お客様に対応するための貴重な時間を確保できます。


TaskRouter lets you control voice and digital interaction routing, to pair your customers with the best agent based on agent skills, attributes, or custom logic. Using TaskRouter, you can consistently improve routing flows based on the needs of your customer and business.


Every interaction running through Twilio Flex invokes a workflow you can control using Studio, Twilio’s visual workflow editor. Dive into the workflows you build to iterate and update them with ease.

Reach your customers on the channels they care about most


  • チャット
  • SMS
  • Facebook Messenger
  • LINE
  • WhatsApp
  • ビデオ


  • PSTN Voice in 100+ Countries
  • VoIP-embeddable in web and mobile apps

Twilio Flex User interface

One user interface for all channels and integrations

Twilio Flex User Interface

  • Support multiple integrations and channels in one UI

  • Give agents contextual awareness using IVRs and bots

  • Customize the look and feel of your UI

  • Reduce agent’s cognitive load

Contextual data

Empower agents to multi-task using up-to-date customer data that reflects the interaction they’re currently managing.


Embed Twilio Flex within Salesforce or Zendesk, or nearly any other CRM.


Flex insights

Create, modify, share and consume reports while monitoring and managing critical KPIs

Reports and Dashboards

Create, modify, share, and consume reports with drag and drop ease.

  • Pre-built dashboards
  • Drill down to voice interaction from any report
  • Email based alerting with configurable thresholds
  • Scheduled dashboard and report emails


Define your own custom metrics and bust through data silos.

  • Define custom KPIs and metrics that fit your business
  • Quickly create and modify reports and dashboards with a custom report builder
  • Export dashboards and reports as an Excel File, CSV, PNG Image, or PDF
  • Load analyzed interaction data into your data warehouse using an export API


Twilio Flexは、1つのプラットフォームで管理と柔軟性を実現します。コンタクトセンター開設に外部のサポートが必要な場合には、最適なパートナーをご紹介いたします。

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Active user hours




Active user hour pricing accommodates your needs, whether you’re working with distributed agents or scaling for seasonal traffic.



Named user pricing offers you predictable pricing so you can plan your contact center roadmap with confidence.