Twilio Channels

Communicate with customers on the channels they prefer, using one API with instant omni-channel capabilities.

Twilio Channels

Build new customer experiences easily with Twilio Channels

Match your message to the right medium. Provision and deploy new channels easily using Twilio’s API Platform.

Don’t waste time integrating with individual channel APIs, or managing 3rd party software. Integrate once to message on multiple channels instantly using Twilio APIs.

Leverage rich messaging mediums like RCS Business Messaging, Facebook Messenger, LINE and more to embed suggested replies, CTA buttons, and rich media into your messages.

Scale your business reliably on a ISO2007-certified and GDPR compliant platform. Twilio carefully protects and manages your users’ data.

Craft the ideal customer experience with Channels

Twilio gives you a diverse set of messaging features from opt-out handling to link shortening to Intelligent Routing over SMS. Configure features once to use across any channel.

Leverage multiple channels from one platform

Integrate with Twilio once and turn on new channels easily with a few lines of code using the programming languages you prefer. Twilio seamlessly works with your business processes.

Use rich messaging capabilities now

A message is more than words. Make an impact with your message by sending audio, videos, images, branded media cards and suggested replies using Rich Messaging Extensions.

Pick a future-proof platform

Twilio delivers 99.999% uptime while handling 50 billion API calls per month. Build on a resilient platform that reliably supports the channels of today, and the channels of tomorrow.

Unlock the power of Twilio Channels in any industry

Twilio Channels powers mission critical messaging for any use case.

Use rich media to send users anything from boarding passes to e-commerce delivery alerts on channels like Facebook Messenger and RCS.

Allow your users to confirm, edit, or cancel appointments easily, sending them appointment reminders with suggested replies and one-click confirmation.

Support purchases on any platform. Build buttons into your messaging apps like Facebook to allow users to buy the moment they’re ready.

Natively embed carousels in your users’ messaging apps, featuring pictures of products and CTA buttons to increase conversion.

Get updates on new channels

Get access to RCS Business Messaging, WeChat, Apple Business Chat, Viber, Telegram, and Blackberry Messenger the moment they become available.

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Build messaging applications with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and LINE.

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