Zendesk Extends Program to Twilio Conference Attendees

September 22, 2011
Written by
Meghan Grady
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At Twilio, we are no strangers to the simplicity and efficiency of the Zendesk platform.  In

fact, we use this help desk software every day to smoothly manage the workflows of customer support.  We have also seen several developers integrate the Twilio API into Zendesk.  Thus, it is with much excitement that we announce their plans to extend the Zendesk Loves Startups program to Twilio Conference attendees and we welcome their new feature, Zendesk Voice, powered by Twilio Client.

Zendesk will be extending the Zendesk Loves Startups program to Twilio Conference attendees, through which eligible startups can receive a free one-year subscription to the Zendesk help desk.  “Twilio has been a great Zendesk partner, and we want to recognize that by making this offer to its conference attendees,” said Adrian McDermott, Zendesk’s Vice President of Engineering.  “Just last week we announced Zendesk Voice which is powered by Twilio Client.”

Zendesk Voice is a VoIP system that adds cloud-based call center functionality to the existing customer support platform.  Incoming support calls to the business become available in Zendesk interface.  Transcriptions of the support conversations are then stored in the Zendesk tickets and remain available to both the business and the customer, simplifying workflow.