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Twilio Engage

Personalize every interaction with Twilio Engage

What happens when you combine the power of Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform with Segment’s Customer Data Platform? You get Twilio Engage.

Twilio Engage uses first-party customer data to help you connect with your customers


Deepen relationships with highly
personalized experiences

Communicate across every channel with Twilio Engage

Data-driven communications across every channel

  • Built-in channels: Personalize messages delivered via native SMS and email, custom channels, and 400+ integrations
  • Personalized campaigns: Orchestrate multi-step, multichannel experiences based on real-time customer behavior
  • One platform: Manage, measure, and scale your cross-channel campaigns from Twilio Engage
  • Experimentation-ready: Quickly add new channels without engineering resources
Twilio Engage features real-time insights to help your team mover quickly and efficiently

Personalized customer journeys built on real-time insights

  • Every touchpoint: Access and activate customer data from your website, app, email or text marketing campaigns, and ads
  • Right message, every time: Deliver relevant messages by harnessing the same standardized data across channels
  • Real-time targeting: Make data-driven decisions based on customer interactions that just happened
  • Data de-siloed: Build personalized campaigns from a single source of truth without requiring support
Build dynamic customer profiles with first-party data with Twilio Engage

Centralized customer profiles based on first-party data

  • Dynamic customer profiles: Build profiles and audiences from any tool or data source—no SQL skills required
  • Privacy first: Respect customer data privacy with consented data collection
  • Customer insights: Uncover new engagement opportunities with data about preferences, traits, and behaviors


Personalized experiences for
the entire customer journey

Twilio Engage delivers personalized experiences at every point of the customer journey
  • Activate new customers using lookalike audience targeting
  • Promote signups and subscriptions with offers
  • Send cart abandonment messages
  • Create welcome and onboarding campaigns
  • Increase customer value with upsell or cross-sell campaigns
  • Launch reactivation campaigns
  • Manage customer loyalty programs


Build with the leaders in omnichannel
customer engagement


companies build customer
engagement with Twilio


websites manage customer
data with Segment


Segment ranked #1 for 2021
market share in CDP by IDC*

*IDC Worldwide Customer Data Platform Market Shares, 2021 Stellar CDP Growth Proves Value of Unified Data for CX - 2022, July 2022, IDC #US49493722

Trusted by customer-first
companies worldwide

700% increase in return on campaign ad spend

Domino’s Pizza Mexico built audiences with Twilio Engage, allowing it to personalize journeys for specific customer profiles and boost returns by 700%.

20% decrease in customer acquisition cost

Veronica Beard conserved ad spend for its most effective campaigns with suppression capabilities that kept unhappy customers off of distribution lists, which lowered CAC by 20%.


How to get started with Twilio Engage

Start delivering data-driven personalized experiences. Twilio Engage is available through Segment, the data layer of Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform. Learn more about Twilio Engage and request a demo from Segment.