New Lower Pricing for Twilio Voice, Save 29% on Average

We have reduced our voice API prices today, and we’re excited to announce that customers will save 29% on average.  This new pricing model impacts inbound calls to Twilio phone numbers, as well as outbound calls to U.S. and Canadian numbers.

You may recall that we announced an 80% decrease in the price of phone numbers back in February when we launched our SMS API. We’re always looking to pass savings on to our customers as we reach new levels of scale.  If you have any questions about how this change impacts your Twilio account, please email us at

New Pricing Details

  • Inbound to U.S. and Canadian numbers $0.01/min (previously $0.03/min)
  • Outbound to U.S. and Canadian numbers $0.02/min (previously $0.03/min)
  • Inbound to toll-free numbers $0.03/min (previously $0.05/min)

Single Leg Calls

Single leg calls are the simplest Twilio applications, because they only involve your application and one person either calling into your number or receiving an automated call from your account using the REST API.

Inbound Calls to Your Twilio Number
1 leg, $0.01/minute for U.S. and Canada (or $0.03/minute toll-free)
It just got 66% cheaper to call into your voicemail systems, information hotlines, and other inbound-only voice applications.

Outbound Calls from Your Twilio Account with REST
1 leg, $0.02/minute to U.S. and Canadian destinations
Save 33% when you make outbound calls with the Twilio REST API for your marketing campaigns, notifications, and reminder services.

Double Leg Calls

Double leg calls involve bridging together two people or applications, and with Twilio’s new pricing you pay for each leg individually. This means you will only pay for the portions of the call that are connected (saving you money), but that if both parties do connect you will still end up paying similar prices to what you did before.

Bridging Inbound Calls to Your Number with an Outbound <Dial>
2 legs, $0.03/minute
It costs $0.01/min for the 1st leg, which is an inbound call to your Twilio number.  From there, Twilio will charge $0.02/min for the second leg if the outbound attempt to connect to the second party with <Dial> is successful.

Bridging Two Outbound Calls with the REST API
2 legs, $0.04/minute
It costs $0.02/min for the 1st leg which is an outbound call using the REST API, $0.02/min for the second leg which is the same. The two are bridged together for a redirect.



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