Chat With Your Customers Instantly With SnapEngage

July 06, 2011
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SnapEngage is a live chat web service that allows business owners to add a live chat popup to their website so they can engage their customers immediately. Visitors can chat instantly with a representative without having to install any software or plugins, which makes for a very user friendly experience. SnapEngage uses Twilio to connect customers with a live person over the phone while simultaneously chatting or screen sharing. Chris Vieville, Community Manager at SnapEngage, spoke to us about their Twilio integration:

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“We started looking for a solution to incorporate a phone feature in our tool based on the feedback we were getting from our users. Many of our customers used the phone a great deal in both their sales and support functions and they wanted that ability integrated directly into our solution. So we listened, and after a bit of research decided to go with Twilio. Response has been overwhelmingly positive; customers are able to simultaneously have a chat and a call. The major benefits have been our customers’ ability to walk their customer through a purchase or support issue on the phone and use co-browsing/screen sharing. It’s the ultimate online experience!

“We had heard great things from our friends and business associates about Twilio and wanted to check it out for ourselves. Getting started with Twilio was surprisingly easy; we read the API documentation and dived right in. One thing we really loved was that we could keep the business logic inside our application, which allowed us to keep our code in one place.

“Our future plans are to always listen to our customers and find out how we can improve. We constantly collect feedback from our customers and use it to help us on our development road map. Ultimately we want to make sure we are providing our customers the tools to accomplish their goals.”

Thanks to Chris Vieville and the rest of the SnapEngage team for sharing their story with us! Got an interesting Twilio use case? Let us know!