Responding To Incidents Intelligently: PagerDuty Launches New Notification Flow Powered by Twilio Voice, SMS

April 15, 2014
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When a server goes down, or a bug in your code causes problems for customers – your team springs into action. Quickly rallying the right teams is crucial to solving the problem. But, you have to contact your team intelligently. PagerDuty launched a new feature to alert multiple people at once to decrease your incident resolution times.

Rallying The Right People, The Right Way


PagerDuty integrates with all your IT monitoring tools so that the instant something breaks, you’re in the know. Their new Multi-User Alerting feature puts you in charge of which teams get alerted, how, and when. In the event an incident happens, PagerDuty will follow your escalation plan exactly as you laid it out.


For example, let’s say your ecommerce store goes down. It may not make much sense to call the head of engineering right off the bat. Using PagerDuty, you can set up an escalation flow that alerts the on call developer via Twilio SMS first. If he can’t fix the problem, then PagerDuty can contact two other developers on call via Twilio Voice. If the incident still isn’t solved after a few hours, PagerDuty can send an email blast to the entire engineering team, and trigger a call to the heads of engineering to get them up to speed.

Building Around Team Preferences

Working efficiently with your team means paying attention to each team member’s individual preferences. Every PagerDuty user can manage how they would like to be contacted when an incident occurs: via Voice, SMS, Email or Push Notification. They can also control the cadence, meaning they’ll receive and SMS ten minutes into the incident, a call 20 minutes in, etc.

Teams can plan out scenarios where they miss incidents, and create automatic escalations to other team members to decrease incident resolution times. PagerDuty helps companies be more reliable by eliminating the chaos and noise around incident management.

“By using Twilio’s flexible communications platform, we’re able to meet our customers’ alerting scenario to ensure the right people are alerted at the right time,” said Dave Hayes, Product Manager, PagerDuty


Learn more about PagerDuty and try out their new feature here.