Build a Twilio app using Kynetx for a chance to win an iPad

November 01, 2010
Written by
John Sheehan
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For this week’s contest, Twilio and Kynetx have partnered to give away an iPad to the best app built on the Kynetx platform that integrates with Twilio.

Kynetx is a platform for building apps capable of interfacing with users on any URL or web-enabled device. Kynetx Apps give developers a way to “Program the Internet” and solve problems in uniquely interconnected ways. You can easily write apps that look for events and user context (like geo-location, session behavior, weather and more), pull in a variety of data sources, then fire actions based on conditions across any URL (including smart phones, search engines, or any web sites on any browser).

The contest ends Sunday November 7th at 11:59pm PT. The winner will receive a 16GB Wifi iPad and $100 in Twilio credit. If you’ve entered the contest before and didn’t win, you’re free to enter again. Entries can be submitted here.

To get started building your app, check out the Hello Twilio walkthrough which shows how to build a working app from scratch. Documentation is also available outlining all the Twilio features available to you on the platform.

Kynetx also provides a tour of their platform, a developer blog, getting started tutorials, and complete documentation. Also be sure to check out some example apps if you need inspiration.

In addition to the contest, Kynetx also has two upcoming Impact Dev Day events. The first is this Friday at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. If you’re working on an entry for the contest, this would be a great time to get help building your app from the Kynetx team. The second event will take place November 19 in Broomfield, CO (the day after Defrag). If you’re planning to attend either event, email me for a special promo code for free admission.