Introducing Twilio’s Messaging Features for Marketing & Engagement

September 20, 2022
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Twilio Messaging for Marketing Features

Twilio is excited to announce the expansion of our messaging for marketing and engagement capabilities with the launches of Message Scheduling and Link Shortening with Click Tracking! These features will enable marketers and the developers that support them to build solutions for marketing promotions, loyalty, customer engagement, campaign optimization and the maximization of ROI.

But this is just the start! In the future, Twilio will expand our suite of marketing and engagement capabilities to include Message Tagging, Broadcasting (bulk sending) and the addition of real-time, out of the box, engagement tracking and analysis of marketing campaigns within Messaging Insights!

Message Scheduling (General Availability)

Message Scheduling provides the ability for messages to be scheduled for distribution at a future date or time with a single API call. Using the Twilio Programmable Messaging API and the message scheduling Messaging Service feature, users can schedule SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp messages and let Twilio handle the rest.

Message Scheduling allowed our team to better manage demands on our application - especially during peak times.” Ken Saitow, Co-Founder | RiskWire, LLC

Marketers will be delighted in that they will no longer be required to ‘hit send’ at just the right time, such as accounting for different distributions based on recipient time zones. In addition, marketers can use Message Scheduling to support other use cases that drive an enhanced customer experience and loyalty such as appointment reminders and requests for completing online reviews.

Twilio Message Scheduling

Hyperlinks are a near necessity within SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp marketing messages and they need to be optimized for the best visual representation and deliverability.

Without a link shortening solution, marketers may have found their long messages broken into multiple segments that could lead to an unclickable link. Additionally, if marketers used shared public URL shortening solutions, they may have experienced filtering as carriers frequently filter 3rd party links in an attempt to curb fraud.

That’s why Twilio is excited to announce our new Link Shortening functionality into Public Beta!

"Twilio’s link shortening program has enabled us to better understand our click thru metrics. With link shortening, we compare success between all message types and have a sense of what links are helpful to customers to include in messages." Lucy Thompson, Manager of Digital Experience, Delta Airlines

Twilio Link Shortening is a new feature under Twilio Messaging Services within the Programmable Messaging API. It enables marketers to shorten links in their communications, with their branded registered domain and track engagement across SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp.

Given that Link Shortening features are embedded into the Twilio Programmable Messaging API, there is minimal implementation change required for existing Twilio Messaging customers. The long URL in the message body will be automatically detected and shortened at run time of the message send request, which means that there is no need to make separate API calls to shorten the links and then send the message.

Increased Deliverability & Trust

Twilio Link Shortening uses the company branded name within the URL thereby reducing carrier filtering as well as increasing trust from the recipient and the likelihood of clicking. By ensuring the maximum numbers of messages are received and offering enhanced trust through the branded URL solution, Link Shortening optimizes the ROI from marketing campaigns.

Tracking for data analysis and optimization

Marketers will be thrilled with the click tracking functionality within Twilio Link Shortening. Twilio Link Shortening includes the capability for click tracking via webhook, enabling Marketers to report and optimize click through rates (CTR), conduct A/B testing and maximize ROI.

Additionally, Link Shortening attaches a unique 10 character slug to each individual, shortened hyperlink. This allows for granular analysis down to an individual recipient's engagement.

Twilio’s Link Shortening with click tracking functionality is free for users during our Public Beta.

Link Shortening

Future Roadmap for Twilio’s Marketing and Engagement Features

Twilio is dedicated to expanding our suite of messaging features for marketing and engagement.

We are focussed on bringing Link Shortening to general availability.

We have also introduced Message Tagging into Private Beta. Message Tagging enables marketers to tag (categorize) their campaigns for simplified and enhanced reporting, analysis, and optimization.

Twilio will continue to expand our suite of features to include simplified bulk sending functionality as well as readily available, out-of-the-box, reporting of engagement metrics.

Simplifying the Twilio experience for marketers & developers

Message Scheduling and Link Shortening with Click Tracking will make it easier for marketers and developers to build solutions to meet their needs!

Use these resources to get started right away or learn more about Twilio’s features and using messaging for marketing:


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