Twilio Frontline – connecting sales and relationship managers to clients – is now Generally Available

March 15, 2022
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Limitation of new sales of Frontline

As of February 9, 2023, access is limited to existing Twilio Frontline customers only. Please refer to our help center article for full details on service availability. 

The days of making customers adapt to a company’s communication preferences are over. Customers are clear in their demand for conversational messaging channels, but businesses are just now starting to catch up. As Twilio continues to bridge the gap between businesses and customers in the digital-first era, we are excited to announce that Twilio Frontline is now Generally Available.

Salespeople need access to messaging and voice, but companies are left in the dark and exposed to compliance risks. Company-issued email was solved decades ago, but messaging and voice still lack the transparency and control for organizations to understand who salespeople are speaking to, how often, and what’s being discussed.

Twilio Frontline, the programmable solution for sales and relationship managers, is the first application designed for sales teams to build personalized digital relationships with clients over channels like SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, voice, and chat while maintaining security and compliance. Take a look at what it can do for you:

Over the last several months, we’ve worked on exciting new features and offerings to help salespeople work more effectively while supporting the business need for compliant communications. Here’s just a sample:

Native Voice Calling

With the addition of calling capabilities, voice is integrated in Frontline and contextualized within messaging history. Salespeople and teams can engage customers seamlessly between messaging and voice calling, while all interactions are logged and sent back to your CRM.

Voice call in Frontline

HIPAA Eligibility

For organizations that are subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Frontline ensures that sensitive patient information is handled securely. Read more about our guidance on architecting for HIPAA on Twilio.

Web Interface

While Frontline will always be a mobile-first app, starting today, it’s no longer a mobile-only app. A web interface is now available in Private Beta, enabling your sales team to seamlessly engage their clients from wherever they’re working – whether that’s at an office, on their laptop or while en route to meet with a customer from their phone.

Frontline Web Interface

Twilio Frontline, built on the backbone of our Conversations API, provides the flexibility to add preferred channels, customize message routing logic, integrate with any CRM, and pull in custom contact display fields for salespeople to maintain context-driven conversations.

While Frontline empowers salespeople, we know differentiated engagement touches all aspects of the business. With the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform, we’ve been focused on data and our CDP, Segment, as the foundation to enable seamless and connected digital experiences for service with Twilio Flex, marketing with Twilio Engage, and sales with Twilio Frontline.

Twilio Customer Engagement Platform

The Twilio Customer Engagement Platform brings together all the necessary pieces to know, understand, and engage with customers as a digital leader – all from a single, globally trusted provider. And Frontline empowers salespeople to build more trusted digital relationships over the channels customers prefer.

According to Courtney Munroe, Research VP at IDC, “In today’s digital world, it’s imperative for companies to implement seamless communications between clients and customer-facing personnel, especially sales. The ability to differentiate with diverse touchpoints that offer personalized, secure interactions over clients’ preferred channels is crucial for sustainable customer engagement and growth.”

Since initially launching the Private Beta, we’ve worked with many innovative enterprises who all shared the same north star – long-term, differentiated customer engagement. Organizations across verticals like retail, healthcare & life sciences, and financial services have capitalized on the flexibility of a programmable app to build experiences tailored specifically for their salespeople.

“In today’s digital world, it’s imperative for companies to implement seamless communications between clients and customer-facing personnel, especially sales. The ability to differentiate with diverse touchpoints that offer personalized, secure interactions over clients’ preferred channels is crucial for sustainable customer engagement and growth.” - Courtney Munroe, Research VP at IDC


Brand loyalty is essential to repeat business. To drive deeper relationships with their customers, retailers look to create expertly tailored experiences at scale, pulling in details like loyalty status or preferences directly into the Frontline app.

For a global retailer, if clients have a question about a new spring collection or pair of boots, they can simply text them and get a quick answer. And, in a high turnover industry, the retailer maintains control over the conversations and logs the history in the CRM so they can maintain conversational integrity over time.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations need to deliver high quality, digital-first services and differentiated experiences. But it’s critical they implement compliant customer engagement strategies to meet regulations.

In the global pharmaceutical space, for example, it needs to be convenient for healthcare providers to connect with their point-of-contact digitally. In regions like LATAM and EMEA, WhatsApp is the channel of choice. Organizations look to Twilio Frontline for a personalized, safe, and secure way to enable seamless conversations. With complicated names for medication and studies, they also can implement their own business-specific spellcheck, making it easier for reps to get the spelling right with every interaction.

Financial Services

Financial Services organizations are focused on accelerating digital transformation while increasing consumer trust. Compliant customer engagement is at the core of their needs because client-facing employees need the ability to engage over preferred channels without exposing the organization to significant regulatory risk.

From wealth managers to corporate and investment banking, individuals are on-the-go all day. They are constantly building relationships over channels like SMS and WhatsApp, and establish strong books of business over years of establishing trust and value. These organizations lean on Frontline to maintain compliance in a highly-regulated industry while providing a centralized location for conversations.

Twilio Frontline delivers programmability, compliance, and an employee-friendly user experience. IT teams can provide an app their salespeople love while reducing the development burden and maintaining compliance. Interested in seeing it in action?

We can’t wait to see what you build!