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crystal posts

  • By Phil Nash
    Make Phone Calls with Crystal and Twilio

    We’ve already learned how to send SMS messages with Crystal, a new language that looks like Ruby but runs like C. Doing that required making a simple HTTP request from our Crystal application to the Twilio API.

    Now it’s time to dig a little deeper and see how to make phone calls with Crystal. Making a call is going to require not only an HTTP request but also receiving a webhook which we will need to respond to with TwiML.

    Getting started

    If you want to join in, you’ll need to install Crystal, there are installation instructions in the documentation. You will also need a Twilio account, which you can get for free if you don’t have one yet, and a Twilio number that is capable of making p …

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  • By Phil Nash
    Send SMS messages with Crystal

    Crystal is a young programming language with a whole load of potential and it’s been a lot of fun playing around with it over the past few weeks. I want to share with you how easy it is to send SMS messages with Twilio using Crystal.

    The Crystal project started in September 2012 and is still going strong. The language hasn’t reached version 1 yet, but there are many things about it to get excited about. The goals of the language are listed front and centre on the Crystal site, but briefly, it is a type-inferred, compiled language with Ruby-like syntax that is blazingly fast. To get started, let’s take a look at a simple Crystal program:

    def fib(n)
      if n <= 1
        fib(n - 1)   fib(n - 2)
    time =
    puts fib(42)
    puts - time

    If you’ve used Ruby before, then this …

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