Debugging Errors In Your Twilio Apps


Halloween is my favorite holiday. One of my favorite things about Halloween is scary stories. I want to share my own scary story – “The Tale of the Unknown Voice”. Imagine receiving a phone call, when you answer you hear a voice you’ve never heard before and it’s saying something terrifying. Gather around the campfire, grab some s’mores and listen up. This happened to me and… Read More

Build your Toolkit with these Platforms and APIs in the TwilioCon Community Hall

Get to know these great companies joining us in the Community Hall at TwilioCon 2012. Each of them offers unique products and services that we highly recommend adding to your toolkit. The Community Hall will be open during conference hours on October 17th and 18th. You can register for TwilioCon online today or in person the rest of this week. Say hello to our friends and learn more about… Read More

Happy Halloween! Noel Portugal Builds Automatic Halloween Candy Dispenser Using Twilio

Happy Halloween everyone! In honor of everyone’s favorite spooky day of the year, we wanted to show of an incredible project made by Noel Portugal. He decided that handing out candy by hand wasn’t good enough and set out to build an automatic candy dispenser that uses a bucket, an Arduino, some X10 goodies and of course, Twilio to control the contraption via phone or SMS…. Read More

This Week's Contest: Halloween Apps with Twilio [Week #23]

The Twilio developer contest is going strong, and we’ve had a bunch of serious contest categories lately and we’ll be announcing the winners of last week’s Twilio for E-commerce category shortly. With the holidays getting under way we thought it would be fun to explore how Twilio can be a part of this year’s Halloween celebrations.  Whether you’re in it for the candy, costumes, scary stories… Read More