9 Reasons to Use the Verify API

June 12, 2023
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9 reasons to use the verify api

The Verify API is a specialized one-time passcode (OTP) solution that harnesses the power of Twilio's Programmable Messaging API with added channels, capabilities, and features specifically targeting user authentication. Verify manages the ever-growing complexity and compliance requirements, so you don't have to maintain an in-house OTP solution and can focus on your business logic.

Join the companies migrating to Verify for the same global reliability and unparalleled delivery at scale as Twilio's Programmable Messaging with the added benefits of:

  1. Fraud Guard
  2. Managed compliance
  3. Ongoing routing optimization
  4. Managed number pool (no A2P registration required)
  5. Turnkey API
  6. Multi-channel and passwordless delivery
  7. Insights and reporting
  8. Localization and translations
  9. Global technical support

Learn more about why the Verify API is a great solution for adding user verification to your application or migrating verification use cases from the Programmable Messaging API.

Prevent SMS pumping and save money.

Verify Fraud Guard protection is an industry leading solution to block SMS traffic pumping. Included with the price of Verify, Fraud Guard will automatically block suspicious traffic and only allow legitimate SMS OTP traffic in your application. With three Fraud Guard protection modes, the feature can be balanced to fit your risk tolerance. Customers have saved over 45.8 million dollars with Verify Fraud Guard.

Stay compliant in an ever changing regulatory environment without constant vigilance.

Avoid the complexities of ever-changing carrier and government registration requirements with managed solutions for things like A2P 10DLC. Verify's managed compliance will help minimize overhead, maximize delivery, and avoid potential fines. Stay insulated from the near-constant changing Know Your Customer (KYC) and sender requirements.

The Verify API also provides pre-approved OTP templates to stay compliant with local SMS requirements and avoid carrier filtering.

Verify more users, faster – and without risk of interruption.

Verify provides high delivery and conversion rates with a dedicated team to monitor and improve OTP delivery performance. Verify uses premium telephony routes on Twilio's Super Network to prioritize deliverability and speed. You benefit from our experience managing a dedicated service for hundreds of customers including fallback options. For example, if a delivery route in Western Europe is temporarily degraded, Verify has built-in redundancy to a secondary global network for failover and delivery optimization.

Decrease your time to market – globally ready on Day 1

Verify includes a sender phone number pool, including short codes, long codes, toll free, and global alpha-sender IDs (pre-registration required for alpha sender IDs in certain countries outside of NAMER). Local numbers are used where available to enhance global delivery. This means you have less setup to think about, can save money on phone numbers, and can get up and running globally faster.

Verify managed senders also help you future proof your implementation for simple global expansion or unexpected peaks in traffic.

If you want to use your own sender IDs, Verify supports that too.

Focus on your business logic instead of verification nuances.

Verify provides a stateless API for handling OTP generation and checking (with the option to still bring-your-own code!). Along with providing sender IDs, this means less code for you to manage and maintain.

Send millions of OTPs a day out of the box, with the support to scale higher if needed, including best in class support for spiky traffic. In addition, our security team conducts regular penetration testing and phone number checks to ensure data integrity.

Switch OTP delivery channels seamlessly.

Verify includes multi-channel support for SMS, WhatsApp, SNA, voice, email, push, and TOTP. Optimize for conversions across channels with considerations for global, use case-specific, and risk-balanced options.

Verify is also future ready: our team is constantly investing in bringing new channels and features to the solution.

See actionable insights and conversion rates by channel and country.

Verify dashboards provide conversion and success rates per region and channel, and Verify SMS Fraud Insights provides regional trends and conversions to optimize against fraud and illustrates the impact fraud could have had without Fraud Guard protections.

Delight global customers with translated templates in dozens of languages.

Improve user experience with templatized OTP message translations in over 40 languages, including real spoken translations for voice calling. Integrate translations into any of our pre-approved templates.

Lean on Twilio's global support team if you need us.

Whether you have a question or something goes wrong, Twilio will own the fix. Our global support team has hundreds of agents available for live, follow-the-sun support.

Get started building today

Migrate from Twilio's Programmable Messaging API to the Verify API in a few simple steps. Still have questions about Verify? Learn more about how to get the most out of your account security project or visit our documentation. We can't wait to see what you build and secure.